"Volume: The Best of" - Van Dyk, Paul

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Full Track Listing:

North American 2 Disc Set:

Disc One:

  • For an Angel (PVD Remix 09) – Paul Van Dyk
  • Home (PVD Club Mix) – Paul Van Dyk featuring Johnny McDaid
  • Let Go (Vandit Club Mix by PVD) – Paul Van Dyk featuring Rea Garvey
  • White Lies (Album Mix) – Paul Van Dyk featuring Jessica Sutta
  • Nothing But You (Original) – Paul Van Dyk featuring Hemstock & Jennings
  • Another Way (PVD Club Mix) – Paul Van Dyk
  • Forbidden Fruit (Original) – Paul Van Dyk
  • Together We Will Conquer (Short Version) – Paul Van Dyk
  • New York CIty (Album Mix) – Paul Van Dyk
  • A Magical Moment – Paul Van Dyk
  • The Other Side (Original) – Paul Van Dyk featuring Wayne Jackson
  • We Are Alive (Original) – Paul Van Dyk featuring Jennifer Brown
  • Time of Our Lives (US Radio Edit) – Paul Van Dyk featuring Vega 4

Disc Two:

  • What Goes Around Comes Around (Paul Van Dyk Club Mix) – Justin Timberlake
  • Elevation (The Vandit Club Mix) – U2
  • Martyr (Paul Van Dyk Remix) – Depeche Mode
  • Pictures (Paul Van Dyk Remix) – Timo Maas
  • Spooky (Out of Order Remix) – New Order
  • Love Stimulation (LOve Mix) – Humate
  • Bring My Family Back (Paul Van Dyk Remix) – Faithless
  • Poor Choice of Words (Batman Theme) (Paul Van Dyk Remix) – Zimmer and Howard
  • 1998 (Paul Van Dyk Remix) – Binary Fission
  • Still Alive (Paul Van Dyk Remix) – Lisa Miscovsky
  • Gimme More (Paul Van Dyk Club Mix) – Britney Spears

Added tracks featured on UK 3CD Set:

  • Words (For Love) – Paul Van Dyk*
  • Tell Me Why (The Riddle) (PVD Club Mix) – Paul Van Dyk featuring Saint Etienne*
  • For an Angel (E-Werk Club Mix) – Paul Van Dyk
  • Moving to New York (PVD Remix) – The Wombats
  • Holding on to Nothing (Paul Van Dyk Remix) – Aganelli and Nelson
  • Guide Me to God (Paul Van Dyk Remix) – Ghostland featuring Sinead O’Connor and Natacha Atlas*
  • L’Esperanza (Paul Van Dyk Remix) – Sven Vath
  • Perfect Day – The Visions of Shiva
  • be.angeled (Paul van Dyk Remix) – Jam and Spoon ft. Rea
  • Cream (Paul Van Dyk Remix) – Blank & Jones
  • Flaming June (BT and PVD Original Mix) – B.T.*
  • The Age of Love (Love of Ages Remix) – Age of Love
  • Synaesthesia (Paul Van Dyk Dub Mix) – The Thrillseekers*
  • IO in OI (Paul Van Dyk Mix) – Members of Mayday*
  • Say Hello (Paul Van Dyk Mix) – Deep Dish*
  • Sugar Daddy (Tripping on the Moon Remix) – Secret Knowledge
  • Come with Me (Paul Van Dyk Remix) – Qattara
    (Note: The UK Set did not include the Zimmer / Howard track “Poor Choice of Words”)

Added Tracks on the German 2 CD Set:

  • Wir Sind Wir + Heppner (Radio Version) – Paul Van Dyk
  • Play with the Voice in Germany (Paul Van Dyk Remix) – Joe T Vannelli
  • Rendezvous (Quadraphonic Mix) – Tilt vs. PvD
  • 36grad (Paul van Dyk Remix) – 2raum wohnung
  • How We Used to Live – St. Ettiene
  • Alleinesein (Paul van Dyk Remix) – Peter Heppner
    (Note: The German set included those tracks marked with a * In the UK extra track listing above, it did not include the Zimmer / Howard track “Poor Choice of Words”, the Faithless track “Bring My Family Back”, and the Miskovsky track “Still Alive”)

Background Information

Paul Van Dyk is the stage name of German DJ, Matthias Paul. He is one of the worlds most well known DJs. He is also a remixer, and music producer, and works with Vandit Records. In 2001, Van Dyk was recruited to remix the song “Elevation” for release that summer as a single. A promotional single circulated which had four mixes of “Elevation” completed by Van Dyk. These mixes were the “Vandit Club Mix” (8:54), “Paul Van Dyk Mix” (7:59), “Paul Van Dyk Radio Mix” (4:03), and the “Paul Van Dyk Non Vox Remix” (6:30). Out of the four mixes, only the Vandit Club Mix was used on a commercial single. A second mix, the “Paul Van Dyk Mix” was also released on a promotional vinyl at the time.

In the fall of 2001, Van Dyk released his first mix album and he included the “Paul Van Dyk Mix” of Elevation as a track on the mix. The length is slightly longer as the release is a continuous mix and portions of the song before and after can be heard in the mix of the song. This release marked the first time this remix of the song was commercially available.

In 2009 Van Dyk would offer up another mixed CD, this time entitled “Volume: The Best of Paul Van Dyk” which would again feature U2. This time the compilation would use “Elevation (The Vandit Club Mix)” which had previously been released on the “Elevation” single. It is edited here to be shorter than on that single. The version found on most releases of “Volume: The Best of Paul Van Dyk” is 7:21 in length. The version appearing on the “Elevation” single is 8:54 in length. There are a couple of versions with different edits of the song, which we explain below.

In the UK the release was a three disc set, and in North America it was a two disc set. In both cases, the mix was the same, and used the “Medium Edit” of the track, coming in at 07:21. Most regions received this same mix. In the UK on iTunes, a much longer version of the album was released, and in this case, the version released is not part of the mix, but is the standalone track that was released on the U2 single, coming in at 08:51 in length. It is thought that the only version with this unedited track is the digital release.

In Germany, it was also a two disc set, but it featured different tracks there than it did in North America. In each case the songs surrounding the U2 one are the same however, the U2 portion is significantly shorter. This was done to make room for the inclusion of alternate tracks for the German market. The Edit here is the shortest edit coming in at just 05:41. In Taiwan, the Justin Timberlake song that starts the mix on disc two in other regions has been removed. With that song removed, U2 is now the first track on disc two, and the removal of the Timberlake song required a slightly different introduction to the song. The mix length here is 07:37 and slightly longer than on versions where the Timberlake track is included.

The liner notes of the album show multiple images of covers from U2 releases featuring the track, including the blue 12” promotional vinyl for Elevation, the commercial single, and the limited promotional single in slipcase. Strangely an error in the liner notes on the North American releases, lists the song “Elevation” as being produced by Daniel Lanois, Brian Eno, Richard “Biff” Stannard and Julian Gallagher. The last two names are the remixers who worked on “Elevation (The Biffco Mix)” and should not have been credited on this release as Paul Van Dyk was not working from their remix.

Liner Notes

Elevation (The Vandit Club Mix)
(Bono, The Edge, A. Clayton, L. Mullen.) Produced by Daniel Lanois, Brian Eno, Richard “Biff” Stannard and Julian Gallagher. Remix produced by Paul van Dyk.

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