"104.9 An XFM Compilation" - Various Artists

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Full Track Listing:

  • XFM is Ace – The Boo Radleys
  • Eating – Compulsion
  • Social Medicine – Sebadoh
  • Young Americans – The Cure
  • Numb (The Soul Assassins Mix) – U2
  • Phantasy Land – Transglobal Underground
  • Talk to Me – Tindersticks
  • Glorious – Goya Dress
  • One Thousand Miles an Hour – Stereolab
  • The Only Way – Marion
  • Drown It – China Drum
  • The Butterfly Collector – Garbage
  • Praise – Leftfield
  • Bullet Solution (Red Buffalo Mix) – Fun-Da-Mental
  • 45 RPM – The Jesus and Mary Chain
  • Married with Children (Live) – Oasis
  • Modern Pleasure – Drugstore

Background Information

XFM was a London radio station formed in 1992 as an alternative rock station. In 1996 they were seeking a permanent license from the radio authority, and this compilation was compiled and sold to bring attention to these efforts.

The album was released on both CD and cassette. The track contributed by U2 is the Soul Assassins mix of “Numb”. At the time this compilation had been released the only other location to get a copy of this U2 remix was on the fan club only “Melon“ album, although in 1997 it would also be issued on the “Last Night on Earth“ single.

The station did get their full time license in that year, and started full time broadcasts on September 1, 1997. The station has most recently rebranded as Radio X in September 2015. The station has expanded beyond just the radio station in London, offering broadcast stations in Scotland, South Wales and Manchester over the years.

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