"A Taste of Reality Bites" - Various Artists

Promotional Release

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Full Track Listing:

  • Intro: Reality Bites
  • “My Sharona” – The Knack
  • Winona Ryder on Lelaina
  • “All I Want is You” – U2
  • Ethan Hawke on Lelaina
  • “Baby I Love Your Way” – Big Mountain
  • Ben Stiller on Lelaina & Michael
  • “Tempted (94)” – Squeeze
  • Winona Ryder on Lelaina & Troy
  • “I’m Nuthin” – Ethan Hawke
  • Ethan Hawke on Michael
  • “When You Come Back to Me” – World Party
  • Winona Ryder on Lelaina & Michael
  • “No Bed of Roses” – The Indians
  • Ethan Hawke on Ben Stiller & Michael
  • “Locked Out” – Crowded House
  • Winona Ryder on The Script
  • “Stay” – Lisa Loeb & Nine Stories
  • Sitting Room Scenes (i) Just Do It! (ii) The Glitch!
  • “Spinning Around Over You” – Lenny Kravitz

Background Information

This 5-Inch CD promo was given to UK theatre goers at early showings of Reality Bites in cinema in the UK. It contains 20 tracks, which are a mix of edited versions of songs featured on the soundtrack, interviews with the cast and an introductory track. The CD invites people to write in for more information about the soundtrack and the artists featured on the soundtrack. The title of the CD is a play on the film name, Reality Bites and is called “A Taste Of” and features bite marks on the artwork, which otherwise looks like the artwork from the soundtrack.

These were given out in the UCI Cinemas chain of theatres in the UK, and were not given out at other theatres. The front cover of the CD is branded with the logo of the UCI Cinemas chain. The promotion was a joint production of R.C.A. Records, Universal International Pictures and the UCI Cinemas.

The U2 track is the same as featured in the film and on the soundtrack, “All I Want is You.” But here it is edited down to 1:10 in length for the promotional disc. The section of the song used fades in and out, and there is a brief piece of Winona Ryder speaking that can be heard at the start, a continuation from the previous track on the disc. She finishes speaking just as the track fades in.

Liner Notes

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