"Brazilian 12-Inch Promos Containing U2" - U2

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In Brazil in the 1980s and early 1990s, the record label WEA would often release a 12-inch promotional release featuring four different artists to promote new music at radio. These releases would typically contain two tracks per side, and would sometimes be released in unique artwork. U2 at the time was on this label in Brazil, and has appeared on a number of these compilations. Rather than a separate discography entry for each one, we have combined these releases here.

These releases were quite popular around the time that “War” and “Under a Blood Red Sky” were popular. They made a resurgence around the release of “Rattle and Hum” and “Achtung Baby” as well. These releases were discontinued in the early 1990s in favor of multi-artist promotional CD releases instead.

Not all of the songs released through this program were A-sides of singles elsewhere. “Everlasting Love,” a b-side to “All I Want is You” and “Love Comes Tumbling” from “Wide Awake in America” were both released as part of this series. Full details of each individual release can be found in the catalog section below.

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