"Café del Mar: The Best of Compiled by José Padilla" - Various Artists

Compilation Album

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Full Track Listing:

Disc One:
  • Entre dos Aguas – Paco De Lucia (5:59)
  • Troubled Girl (Spanish Version) – Karen Ramirez (4:19)
  • Tatouage Bleu (Avec Chet) – Ben Onono (3:58)
  • Gula Gula (Chilluminati Mix) – Mari Boine (4:48)
  • Northern Lights – Lux (5:33)
  • Adios Ayer – Jose Padilla (5:32)
  • Angelica – Lamb (3:42)
  • Smokebelch II (Beatless Mix) – The Sabres of Paradise (4:18)
  • Lula – Phil Mison (6:30)
  • God Put a Smile Upon Your Face (Def Inc Mix) – Coldplay (5:28)
  • Ill Street Blues – Moonrock (3:45)
  • Uschi’s Groove – The Ballistic Brothers (3:25)
  • The Messenger – New Funky Generation (3:48)
    Disc Two:
  • Music for a Found Harmonium – The Penguin Cafe Orchestra (2:35)
  • Face a la Mer (Massive Attack Remix Full) – Les Negresses Vertes (5:40)
  • Olas de Sal – Zuell (6:20)
  • Mumbai Theme Tune – AR Rahman (5:14)
  • Easter Song – A Man Called Adam (8:03)
  • Sunshine’s Better (Talvin Singh Remix) – John Martyn (5:49)
  • Come Back – Jose Padilla (4:59)
  • In a Little While (N.O.W. Remix) – U2 (5:15)
  • Whispering Wind – Moby (6:03)
  • Sunbeams – UKO (4:22)
  • Trans Fatty Acid (Kruder & Dorfmeister Remix Edit) – Lamb (6:46)
  • Letting the Cables Sleep (The N.O.W. Mix) – Bush (5:23)
  • Paradise (Tease Mix) – Nookie featuring Larry Heard (5:01)
  • Talking with Myself (‘98 Canny Remix) – Electribe 101 (7:05)

Background Information

The “Café del Mar” series of albums was a very successful collection of chill out music compilations. The series collects ambient easy listening music, and the first six volumes of the series were compiled by DJ José Padilla. The CDs are named after a bar located in Ibiza which is renowned for its sunsets and chill out music. This compilation of music was released under the name “Café del Mar: The Best Of Compiled by José Padilla” and the set collects some popular tracks off of earlier compilations in the series but also introduces new tracks such as the one released here by U2.

The song by U2 is “In a Little While”, which is a song that had been released in 2000 on the album “All That You Can’t Leave Behind”. The song was not released as a single, and no remixes of the song were issued during the time that album was being promoted. So it was a surprise that the song showed up here and as a remix, “In a Little While (N.O.W. Remix)”. The “N.O.W.” stands for Nightmares on Wax, who is a DJ from Leeds that was behind this remix of “In a Little While”. Very little information is included in the liner notes of this song pertaining to the remix, and the credits just list the song writers for the track.

Liner Notes

In a Little While (N.O.W. Remix):
Written by Bono. Music by The Edge, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen.

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