"Club Mix 97 2" - Various Artists

Compilation Album

Track Listing:

Full Track Listing:

Disc One:
  • Discotheque (DM Deep Extended Club Mix) – U2
  • Inferno (Fired Up Mix) – Souvlaki
  • You’ve Got the Love (Now Voyager Mix) – The Source Featuring Candy Staton
  • Remember Me (Sure is Pure Mix) – The Blue Boy
  • Get Up (Everybody) (Parade Mix) – Byron Stringily
  • Runaway (Mongoloids in Space Mix) – Nuyorican Soul featuring India
  • X-Press 2 – London X-Press
  • All I Wanna Do (Bingo Boys Remix) – Tin Tin Out
  • Girls & Boys (The Seka Mix) – Hedboys
  • Love is All You Need (Original Dillon & Dickins Mix) – 99 All Stars
  • Just Playin’ (Socorccio Club Mix) – JT Playaz
  • Party People (Live Your Life Be Free) (Umboza Mix)
  • Sugar is Sweeter (Armand’s Drum n Bass Mix) – CJ Bolland
  • Take Me by the Hand (Vocal Mix) – Sub Merge featuring Jan Johnston
  • Up to No Good (Original Mix) – Porn Kings
  • Close to Your Heart (Original Mix) – JX
  • Zoe – Paganini Traxx
  • Amber Groove (Ramp Club Mix) -SAS
    Disc Two:
  • Open Up (Vocal Mix) – Leftfield & Lydon
  • The Beat is Over (Original Mix) – Basco
  • Ultra Flava (Pete’s Dub Mix) – Heller and Farley Project
  • Brooklyn Beats (Pulse 2 Rhythm Mix) – Scotti Deep
  • One & One (Quivver Amytiville Vox Mix) – Robert Miles
  • Wiggly World (Big Boogie Mix) – Mr Jack
  • Life’s Too Short (Live at Paleis Mix) – Hole in One
  • 7 Days and One Week (Dex & Jonesy’s Philharmonic Mix) – BBE
  • Resonance (Goodfellos Mix) – Magic Alec presents Resonance
  • Barrel of a Gun (Underworld Hard Mix) – Depeche Mode
  • Toxygene (Kris Needs Up For a Fortnight Mix) – The ORb
  • Rez – Underworld
  • Have Fun (Original Mix) – Coma B
  • Drive Me Crazy (Tin Tin Out Mix) – Partizan
  • Bellisima (Club Mix) – DJ Quicksilver
  • Antheum (Original Mix) – The Digital Blondes
  • Mystery Land (Original Mix) – Y-Traxx

Background Information

This compilation by Polygram TV, was released just two weeks after the release of “Discothèque” as a single in the UK, and two weeks before “Pop” was released, making this the first album that “Discothèque” appeared on. The album was released in the UK on February 17, 1997. The 2-CD set is a dance mix created by a DJ, and is a continuous mix of songs. The DJ credited with this mix was “St. Peter and Heaven”, a brother and sister DJ act that worked on many of these compilation mixes for Polygram. Polygram TV, was an imprint of Polygram that released records which were highly promoted on television through advertisement.

The mix featured here is a shortened edit of the DM Deep Extended Club Mix. It cuts out the long extended intro, and also cuts off a few of the final verses. The overall mix has also had the tempo increased, so it plays quite fast, and sounds almost unnatural to the ears to listen to this mix.

The album charted quite well, reaching number 3 in the charts on the week of its release in the UK.

Liner Notes

Discothèque (DM Deep Extended Club Mix)
Lyrics: Bono / The Edge. Music: U2.

Album mixed by St. Peter & Heaven at Whitfield St. Recording Studios

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