"Polygram 1997 Ősz-Tél" - Various Artists

Compilation Album

Track Listing:

Full Track Listing:

  • Star Traxk 4, 3, 2, 1 – Hypnotix
  • Szandál – Warpigs
  • Hazafelé – Korom Attila
  • Repülj Még – Feelgood Family
  • Besenyő Család – Dal – L’art Pour L’art
  • Napolaj – UFO
  • Tanga – 4F Club
  • Nem Az A Tét – Hip Hop Boyz
  • Where’s the Love – Hanson
  • Something About the Way – Elton John
  • Queen of New Orleans – Jon Bono Jovi
  • Please (Album Edit) – U2
  • Joga – Björk
  • 4 Seasons of Loneliness – Boyz II Men
  • Times…Tomorrow Never Dies – Sheryl Crow
  • Forevermore – Chris De Burgh
  • Comanchero – Robin Cook
  • Black Eyed Boy – Texas
  • Picture of You – Boyzone
  • Happiness – Vanessa Williams
  • Still Waters – Bee Gees
  • Your New Cuckoo – The Cardigans
  • Every Breath – The Police
  • All Mine – Portishead

Background Information

This PolyGram promotional CD was put together by PolyGram Kft, the Hungarian branch of PolyGram music. The compilation is a full length CD, with a mix of international artists and artists from Hungary, releasing music in the Fall of 1997. The CD was released for promotion in November 1997. The title on the front cover of the CD is Essential Polygram 1997 Ősz-Tél but on the spine the “Essential” is dropped. The CD was put together in conjunction with Média Hajó.

The CD features a unique edit of U2’s song “Please” which had just been issued as a single worldwide. For promotion of the single two edits, known as the “US Edit” and “UK Edit” had been done of the newly recorded single version of the track. The edit featured here on this Hungarian CD is an edit of the album version of the song instead, and is shorter than the other two edits.

The following is the portion of “Please” that has been edited out:

(One, two, three, four)
So you never knew… how low you’d stoop to make that call
And you never knew… what was on the ground until they
made you crawl
So you never knew… that the heaven you keep, you stole
Your catholic blues, your convent shoes
Your stick on tattoos now they’re making the news
Your holy war, your northern star
Your sermon on the mount from the boot of your car
Please… please… please…
Get up off your knees
Please-yeah… please… please…

The promotional CD was issued in Hungary, and was released in a regular jewel case with front and back inserts.

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