"Ghost in the Shell Project 2501: The Real Image Album Collection" - Various Artists


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Full Track Listing:

  • Prologue
  • Mirai e no Yakosoku
  • Motoko Kusanagi 1 (In the Battlefield)
  • Chant
  • Batou (The Partner of Motoko)
  • SE/1 Handgun by Motoko – SE/2 Handgun by Batou
  • Togusa & Ishikawa (Unit Member of Section 9)
  • Section 9 of Public Safety (The Secret Service)
  • SE/5 SMG by Bodyguard – SE/6 9 Weapon by Motoko
  • Puppet Master (Infamous Hacker)
  • SE/7 Sniped by Section 9 – SE/E Getemono
  • Motoko Kusanagi 2 (Ghost in the Shell)
  • One Minute Warning (Soundtrack Version)

Background Information

The Passengers project featured U2 teamed up with Brian Eno and other Passengers in studio, and an album was released on November 6, 1995. The album was a collection of songs written for imaginary films, with a few exceptions. “One Minute Warning” was one of these exceptions, and it was listed as being from the film Ghost in the Shell, a Japan anime released in November 1995 in Japan, and in December 1995 in the UK. Andy Frain, the founder of Manga Entertainment which produced the film was a former marketing director for Island Records and it was through Andy that U2 became involved in the film.

In Japan the movie ended with a song called “Reincarnation” by Kenji Kawai. It was replaced in English versions of the film by “One Minute Warning”, which indeed was the same version as the one found on the album by Passengers, Original Soundtracks 1.

But in November 1996 to mark the one year anniversary of the film, a Real Image Album Collection of the film was released on CD. Real Image Albums were popular in Japan at the time and presents moments of dialogue from the film mixed with action sound effects and music. The album included “One Minute Warning” but it is not the version heard in the film and on Passengers album Original Soundtracks 1. Instead this version removes the chorus of male vocals we are more familiar with and replaces them with a female vocal at the end. The instrumentation is slightly different and the song is also a bit longer than the original. There are no dialogue or sound effects played over the song, and the song runs 04:58 on the soundtrack.

Inside the booklet the song is attributed to Adam Clayton / Dave Evans / Paul Hewson / Larry Mullen / Brian Eno, and the booklet reprints the lyric of the song. There is no mention of “Passengers” in the booklet. The song is labeled as M4 (One Minute Warning) in the booklet, or the fourth piece of music included on the disc. The OBI strip does mention the song “One Minute Warning” and U2. It also has the words “cover no” in English, the entire front of the OBI translates as “Ghost in the Shell” Original Soundtrack “One Minute Warning” (U2) Cover No is included as an image theme.

The original real image album was issued by a sub-label of BMG in Japan called LiPop Records. The album was released with catalog BVCH-1524. The CD was not in print long, and demand remained high and some bootleg pressings of the CD have occurred. Only the Japan pressing with the above information are legitimate. These bootleg pressings include one from Sonmay Records in 2001 (catalog number GGG-03), one from Ever Anime (catalog number AnG-101) and one from KO Trading Co (catalog number KO-88112)

Liner Notes

One Minute Warning: Adam Clayton / Dave Evans / Paul Hewson / Larry Mullen / Brian Eno

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