"Good Thief, The" - Various Artists

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Track Listing:

  • Minuit – Cheb Khaled (5:50)
  • Lucky Eyes – Elliot Goldenthal (2:30)
  • A Thousand Kisses… – Leonard Cohen (6:27)
  • Endorphin Spoon – Elliot Goldenthal (1:54)
  • Verite – Rachid Taha (6:06)
  • Ouveture Francais – Elliot Goldenthal (1:54)
  • Parisian Du Nord – Cheb Mami and K-Mel (3:31)
  • Snake 5 – Elliot Goldenthal (3:10)
  • Noir C’est Noir – Johnny Hallyday (3:15)
  • Waltz for Anna – Elliot Goldenthal (1:30)
  • Flashback – Intense (6:21)
  • 36 Hadjini Street – Elliot Goldenthal (1:50)
  • Je T’Aime, Moi Non Plus – Serge Gainsbourg with Jane Birkin (4:22)
  • Confession to JC with Love – Elliot Goldenthal (1:17)
  • That’s Life – Bono (3:55)
  • Redemption Rehersal – Ellliot Goldenthal (8:38)

Background Information

The song “That’s Life” was written by Dean Kay and Kelly Gordon and was first recorded by Marion Montgomery in 1964. Frank Sinatra would record it, and use the title for his album “That’s Life” in 1966, and was a successful single for Sinatra reaching number 4 on the Billboard Hot 100. The song was re-recorded in 2002 by Bono working with longtime Sinatra producer, Phil Ramone. The song was recorded for use on the soundtrack to “The Good Thief”. The recording of the track took place in Windmill Lane Studios. The string arrangement of the song is by Eliot Goldenthal, who produced and arranged the soundtrack.

The movie, “The Good Thief” was a crime thriller staring Nick Nolte, directed by Irish filmmaker, Neil Jordan. The movie was premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in September of 2002, but did not receive wide release until March 7, 2003 in the United Kingdom and April 4, 2003 in the United States. The soundtrack release was staggered to coincide with the film openings, and was released on March 10, 2003 in Europe and a month later on April 8, 2003 in North America.

In early 2003 a single was planned for release by U2 of “The Hands that Built America”. The single cover and track listing was released to Amazon in Germany. The tracks on the single were due to be “The Hands that Built America”, “Playboy Mansion (2003 Mix)”, “That’s Life” and a video of “The Hands that Built America”, with footage from “Gangs of New York”. Unfortunately that single release never came to be, and it was rumored that the single was canceled in the light of U2 not winning an Oscar for the song. With that single cancelled this song has only appeared on the soundtrack album.

Liner Notes

That’s Life: Arranged by Elliot Goldenthal. Produced by Elliot Goldental and Phil Ramone.

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