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Breakthrough Album Release (Russia):
  • Pride (In The Name Of Love) (Live December 8, 1988 – Different Edit) – U2 (4:32)
  • Heaven Is A Place On Earth – Belinda Carlisle (4:04)
  • Love Is The Seventh Wave – Sting (3:29)
  • Set Them Free – Aswad (3:58)
  • Ship Of Fools – World Party (4:14)
  • Don’t Stop The Dance – Bryan Ferry (4:19)
  • When Tomorrow Comes – Eurythmics (4:27)
  • Middle Of The Road – Pretenders (4:12)
  • Throwing Stones – Grateful Dead (4:23)
  • This Time – INXS (3:07)
  • Lay Your Hands On Me – Thompson Twins (4:21)
  • City Of Dreams – Talking Heads (5:06)
  • Waterfront – Simple Minds (5:06)
  • The Whole Of The Moon – The Waterboys (4:57)
  • It’s The End Of The World As We Know It – R.E.M. (2:59)
  • You’re The Voice – John Farnham (5:05)
  • Somebody – Bryan Adams (4:42)
  • Miles Away – Basia (4:10)
  • Red Rain – Peter Gabriel (5:34)
  • Look Out Any Window – Bruce Hornsby (5:27)
  • Let’s Go Forward – Terence Trent D’Arby (5:17)
  • Wholly Humble Heart – Martin Stephenson And The Dainties (5:44)
  • I Will Be Your Friend – Sade (4:42)
  • We Are The People – John Cougar Mellencamp (4:16)
  • Why Worry – Dire Straits (5:18)
    Additional Tracks: Rainbow Warriors Release
  • Last Great American Whale – Lou Reed (3:42)
  • Small World – Huey Lewis and the News (4:41)
  • Additional Tracks: Rainbow Warriors CD Release
  • Balance – Little Steven (5:15)
  • Scottish Rain – The Silencers (7:11)
  • Somewhere Down the Crazy River – Robbie Robertson (4:58)
  • Hard Rain – Hothouse Flowers (4:00)
    Additional Tracks: Rainbow Warriors Canadian CD Release:
  • Rebel – Blue Rodeo (3:47)

Background Information

This compilation was put together by Greenpeace for funding Greenpeace campaigns and infrastructure. The name of the album was “Breakthrough” in Russia, where it was initially released in March of 1989. This was the first ever pop compilation of western artists released in the Soviet Union, and it reportedly sold 500,000 copies in Russia on the day of release alone. The proceeds from the album sales were used to provide the start-up investment to begin a Russian branch of Greenpeace. The artists involved all donated their tracks to the album. And each album contained a 16-page booklet designed to give an overview of the worlds environmental problems.

U2 contributed the song “Pride (In the Name of Love)” to the compilation. The version they contribute is a live recording of the song, recorded live in Denver, on November 8, 1987. It is the same performance that was included on “Rattle and Hum” in 1988, however it is edited differently on this release. On the “Breakthrough” album, the introduction to the song, “For the Reverend Martin Luther King this is Pride (in the Name of Love” is still present at the start of the song, where it has been edited out of the version found on “Rattle and Hum”. Thus the track is slightly longer on this compilation.

A dozen of the artists involved in the album, including The Edge from U2 went to Moscow for the album launch on March 6, 1989. The album was released to long queues of buyers, including over 3000 fans who had queued at the main outlet of Melodiya Records, the state record company who had issued the album in Russia.

The album was released on vinyl and cassette only under the name “Breakthrough” in Russia. The initial pressing was 3 million copies on vinyl and 500,000 copies on double cassette. Several months later, Greenpeace would release the compilation worldwide under a new name, “Rainbow Warriors”. This new release contained two additional tracks on the vinyl and cassette, and four additional tracks on the CD with the exception of Canada where a fifth track was added. The album was released on different labels in different parts of the world, Geffen in North America, U2’s own Mother Records in Ireland, Durium Records in Italy, Sonet records in Scandinavian countries, WEA in New Zealand, CBS in India and BMG / RCA elsewhere in the world. The Rainbow Warrior title refers to a trawler in the service of Greenpeace that had been sunk in 1985. In 1989 the year this compilation was launched, Greenpeace would launch a new boat with the Rainbow Warrior name. A note inside the album explained the name further, “A Native American prophecy tells that the peoples of the world will unite as Warriors of the Rainbow, to save the planet from destruction by greed and careless exploitation. The environmental pressure group Greenpeace was inspired by this to call its flagship Rainbow Warrior. The musicians on this album have donated these recordings to Greenpeace, because they know that the time of the Rainbow Warriors has arrived.”

The compilation was put together as a donation to Greenpeace by Ian Flooks and the staff at his Wasted Talent Artists’ Agency in London. The agency had worked with U2 in the early 80s and was involved in booking tours for U2 in the early days. He was also a producer of the film “Killing Bono” which featured Neil McCormick’s tale of some of those earlier days on the big screen.

Liner Notes

Pride (In the Name of Love): 1988 Island Records. Written by U2.

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