"Harmony: The Rehab Album" - 1989

Compilation Album

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Full Track Listing

  • “The Rare Ould Times” – The Dubliners
  • “Ellis Island” – Mary Black
  • “Newfoundland” – Liam O’Flynn
  • “Ringsend Rose” – Brendan Grace
  • “The Derry Air” – Phil Coulter
  • “Galway Races” – Susan McCann
  • “Carrickfergus” – Hothouse Flowers
  • “Your Friendly Irish Way” – Daniel O’Donnell
  • “Biko Drum” – Christy Moore
  • “Ballad of the Irish Horse” – The Chieftains
  • “May Morning Dew” – Dolores Keane
  • “Sometimes When We Touch” – Joe Dolan
  • “Denis Doody’s Polkas” – Donal Lunny
  • “Van Diemen’s Land (Edit)” – U2

Background Information

This 1989 compilation album was put together to support the Harmony Rehab centre in Ireland. The album itself lists “a souvenir compilation of Award Winners from the National Entertainment Awards 1985-1988 who have generously donated their tracks to this Rehabilitation Institute album.”

The awards show, sponsored by Allied Irish Bank at the time, and organized by the Rehabilitation Institute was aired on RTÉ television. The album celebrated four years of the awards, and was released by RTÉ.

U2’s contribution is taken from Rattle and Hum and is an edit of the version found on that album, as one can even hear the crowd noise at the end of “Helter Skelter” as the track starts. The track fades in to crowd noise, and is otherwise the same as the version found on Rattle and Hum but the spoken material at the end of the track on U2’s album has been removed here.

The album artwork was designed by Works Associates, Steve Averill’s company at the time, which had worked on the design of many U2 albums. The album was only released in Ireland.

Liner Notes

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