"HitDisc 002B" - Various Artists


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Full Track Listing

  • How Could You Want Him (Album Version) – Spin Doctors
  • The One I Love – Big Country
  • Zooropa (Alternate Edit) – U2
  • Reason to Believe – Rod Stewart
  • Wicked Garden – Stone Temple Pilots
  • Change (Album Version) – Candlebox
  • No Man’s Land – Billy Joel
  • Butterfly – Screaming Trees
  • Somewhere in the Middle – Inclined
  • Cherish the Day (Sade Remix Radio Edit) – Sade
  • Alright (Radio Version) – Kris Kross
  • Sentimental – Racehlle Ferrell
  • Downtown (Radio Edit) – SWV
  • Insane in the Brain (Radio Edit) – Cypress Hill
  • That’s What Little Girls are Made of – Raven Symone
  • I’ll Be There (Album Edit) – Penny Ford

Background Information

HitDisc was a brand of promotional CDs that were sent to radio stations in the early nineties containing new music for immediate play. The CDs were assembled and produced by TM Century out of Dallas. At the time of production of this compilation, they were servicing over 2800 music stations worldwide, and this included supplying tracks to AOR (Album Oriented Rock) and Urban stations. This particular disc contained a mix of both.

In this particular case the version of “Zooropa” that was given to TM Century to distribute is a different edit than that which Island would press as a standalone promotional CD. The version found on the 002B disc is a shorter edit than that on the standalone disc. The start of the song is cut by about five seconds from that on the standalone “Zooropa” CD, and there is also about 6 seconds of silence at the end of the track, meaning this version is about 10-11 seconds shorter than the edit on the “Zooropa” promotional CD. The vocal on this version starts at 22s, where the vocal on the “Zooropa” promotional CD starts at about 27s.

This CD is a plain looking CD, with just blue print on the face of the CD listing the tracks. The CD is identified as 002B on the face of the CD, as well as having the date July 23, 1993. There is a simple back insert with track information.

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