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Please note: This entry is for a series of releases and all of the tracks above are not on one single release. See the catalog entry below for information on where each appears.

Background Information

Hitmakers was a music magazine that was started in 1979, serving radio stations in the USA. The publication was focused on the radio industry and featured tip sheets and advertisements for new tracks. This allowed radio stations to understand what other stations were playing, and decide what they would then play themselves. The publication ran until 1997.

Starting in January 1988, Hitmakers also offered a service to radio stations where they would provide new music to the station on a regular basis. These CDs were licensed and allowed the radio stations to build up a large library of new music in a short time that could be played on air. This service of providing CDs lasted until September 2000.

U2 were featured a handful of times between U2 songs and solo projects. The details on which tracks can be found on which volume are available in the catalog section below. U2’s first appearance on one of these compilations was December 9, 1988.

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