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  • I Fought the Law – Colin Farrell
  • Out of Control – U2
  • One Horse Town – The Thrills
  • Pain Killer – Turin Brakes
  • These Days – Ron Sexsmith
  • Get Down Move Over – Relish
  • Scooby Snacks – Fun Lovin’ Criminals
  • Bumble A, Bumble B, Bumble C, Bumble D – Fonda 500
  • Disappearing Act – Ron Sexsmith
  • Newgrange – Clannad
  • Two Buses / Intermission – John Murphy

Background Information

The 2003 movie Intermission was a comedic crime film, set in Dublin, Ireland featuring Colin Farrell. The movie was initially released on August 29, 2003, and this soundtrack for the film followed in November of the same year as the film was entering a wider release.

The film features U2’s album version of “Out of Control,” however the track is edited slightly from what is found on the album Boy. On the album Boy, “Into the Heart” never fully fades out and the last notes of that song can be heard on the next track, right up until “Out of Control” kicks in. This is very faint and almost not noticeable, but it is present on various pressings of the CD. It runs from 0.102s on the French Pressing before “Out of Control” starts, right up to 0.550s on one of the early Australian pressings. There is no silence at the start of “Out of Control” it is the end of “Into the Heart” in all cases. Even on the 2008 remaster, the 0.114s before “Out of Control” kicks in is filled with the final notes of “Into the Heart”. For the soundtrack however, the track starts with silence. 0.242s of complete silence opens the track, and then “Out of Control” starts.

Other than the removal of music at the start of the track, music that belongs to “Into the Heart”, this song is otherwise identical to the album version of the song.

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