"Island Records Pre-Release Limited Edition" - Various Artists

Promotional Series

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Background Information

In the early 1980s, Island Records pressed a number of promotional records in the “Pre-Release Limited Edition” series for promotion of their records in the UK. These were typical packaged in a generic sleeve which was designed to look like it had been stamped with “Pre-Release Limited Edition”. Each release was labeled RSS and then a number as a catalog number.

On some releases, the release got a special sleeve, such was the case with the sleeve of the release which featured U2’s “A Day Without Me”. In this case the record was housed in a custom picture sleeve titled “Music for Ears”, but it is still part of the same series of releases.

U2 featured on five releases in the series. There are no unique edits of U2 songs present on these releases, however, these were the only place you could find the single version of “11 O’Clock Tick Tock,” “A Day Without Me,” and “A Celebration” on 12-Inch Vinyl at 33 RPM speed.

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