"Island Select" - Various Artists

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Everything (Sabres on Main Street Remix) – Stereo MCs
Wish – Nine Inch Nails
U Ain’t Gonna Take My Life – Ice Cube
Bad Machine – Starclub
Innercity Boundaries – Freestyle Fellowship
California Uber Alies (Live) – The Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy
Salome (Zooromancer Remix Edit) (6:50) – U2
Hook (Demo) – PJ Harvey
As Long as We’re Around (Say you Hear Dis Mix) – Dodge City Productions
Flaming Church of Baby Jesus – Sheep on Drugs
Chok There (Livingston Lik) – Apache Indian / Shaggy
Put Me Down – The Cranberries

Background Information

Select Magazine, subtitled “Pop Babylon” was a UK based magazine that focused on music. The magazine often included free cassettes attached to the front of the magazine by a variety of artists.

In the May 1993 issue of “Select” the cassette included is “Island Select” which featured a variety of artists that record for Island records, performing songs not commonly found on their albums. The issue of the magazine that featured the cassette was the “Sex Issue” featuring a focus on sex in the music of different artists. The left hand of the magazine features a large font “Free Tape! Rare and Unreleased tunes by U2”, and listing the other artists in a much smaller font. The issue also came with a £6.00 discount off of the albums of the artists featured on the cassette at HMV stores.

U2’s contribution was a remix of Salome which had been a b-side to 1992’s Even Better Than the Real Thing Single. The Zooromancer remix was found on the Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses single, as well as the Melon fan club album. The version on this cassette is 6:50 in length and therefore is a different edit than the version found on U2 albums / singles which is 8:00 in length. It is longer than the version found on the Best of 1990 – 2000 & B Sides compilation which is 5:50 in length. Thus this edit of this remix is unique to this cassette.

Two years later U2 would contribute another song to a “Select” Cassette, this time titled “Select Presents Exclusives” and containing “Stay (Faraway So Close!) (The Underdog Mix)”. That issue was released in April 1995.

Liner Notes

Salome (Zooromancer Remix Edit): Words: Bono. Music: U2. Produced by Paul Barrett and U2. Engineered by Iain Bryan, Louise McCormick, and Paul Barrett. Additional backing vocals by Ian Bryan, and Paul Barrett. Remixed by Peter Heller and Terry Farley for Boys Own Productions. Remix engineered by Gary Wilkinson.

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