"Lanzamientos Noviembre 2006" - Various Artists

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This promotional compilation by Universal Mexico was released on CD in November 2006, and highlighted new releases. There are two U2 tracks on the release, but only one of those is an audio version, with the studio version of “The Saints Are Coming” as track #7 on the disc. However, there is also a CD-Rom portion of the disc, and a second version of “The Saints Are Coming” can be found there. This time the version is a shortened promotional edit of the song. The song is in mp3 format at 160kbps, and runs 2:05 in length. Also included among the CD-ROM portion of the disc are images showing both the album and the single, as well as the UPC for upcoming Mexican releases of both. To our knowledge this is the only location to find this short edit of the song.

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