"Live for Ireland" - Various Artists

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Full Track Listing:

CD Release (Europe):
  • Maggie’s Farm (Live May 17, 1986) – U2 (6:46)
  • Seven into the Sea – In Tua Nua (3:53)
  • Many Rivers to Cross – Elvis Costello and the Attractions (2:41)
  • Dirty Old Town – The Pogues (3:45)
  • Don’t Pay the Ferryman – Chris DeBurgh (3:32)
  • Harry’s Game – Clannad (2:32)
  • The Bridge – Cactus World News (4:19)
  • Looking after No. 1 – The Boomtown Rats (4:50)
  • Here Comes the Knight – Van Morrison (3:58)
  • Don’t Believe a Word – Thin Lizzy (2:23)
  • Steel River – Chris Rea (4:48)
  • Make it Work – Christy Moore / Paul Doran (Larry Mullen & Bono) (3:13)
  • The Lark – Moving Hearts (5:35)
  • The Island – Paul Brady (5:09)
  • Feel it Now – The Fountainhead (5:01)
  • Exiles – Auto Da Fe (5:17)

Alternate Tracks on Vinyl Release / US CD:

  • Boil the Breakfast Early – The Chieftens
  • Joey’s on the Street Again – The Boomtown Rats

Alternate Tracks on Double Vinyl Release:

  • My Friend John – Those Nervous Animals
  • A Sense of Freedom – Les Enfants
  • The Arrival of Queen Sheeba in Galway – De Dannan
  • Old Pal – Brush Shiels
  • Rock ‘N’ Roll Fantasy – Bagatelle
  • Keep on Climbin’ – Freddie White
  • Tell Me – Blue in Heaven
  • Follow Me – Rory Gallagher
  • Carol – Scullion
  • Leave My Kitten Alone – Elvis Costello and the Attractions
  • Skidoo – Stockton Wing
  • Independance – Big Self

Background Information

“Self Aid” was a 1986 benefit concert held in Dublin Ireland on May 17. The concert was put together to highlight the chronic unemployment problem in Dublin at the time, and the concert at 14 hours, was the largest that had been staged to date. All profits from the concert and the later album went to the trust, Self Aid. That money was used for a job creation trust fund. Prior to the concert, Christy Moore and Paul Doran had written and recorded the single “Make It Work” about the unemployment issue. Larry Mullen had played drums on that single. The song was also used in the concert, as a closing song for the concert, and was staged as a group sing along number. Larry Mullen and Bono both performed during the live performance of the song.

U2 also contributed “Maggie’s Farm” to the Self Aid album, a cover of a song originally performed by Bob Dylan. The song here features Bono adapting some of the words for his own needs. The other songs U2 performed during the show were “C’Mon Everybody”, “Pride (In the Name of Love)”, “Maggie’s Farm”, “Cold Turkey” and “Bad”. Only “Maggie’s Farm” from U2’s performance was included here. The sound engineer for the Self-Aid show was Joe O’Herlihy and the concert co-ordinator was Steve Ireldale, both of whom worked with U2.

After the U2 set, a tribute is played to the late Phil Lynott, formerly of Thin Lizzy. Bono joined in on the performance of “Whiskey in the Jar”. After the Lynott tribute was over, it appeared the show was over, however, Bono took the stage to announce Paul Doran the writer of “Make it Work”. Doran is joined by Christy Moore, Paul Brady, Chris de Burgh, Bob Geldof and Maire Brennan from Clannad on the performance of the song.

There were differing versions of this album released with variable tracklistings in different areas and formats. U2’s contribution was a constant on all of these releases.

Liner Notes

Maggie’s Farm:
Written by Bob Dylan. Performed by U2.

Make it Work:
Written by Christy Moore and Paul Doran. Performed by Christy Moore and Paul Doran.

Album executive producer: Avril MacRory. Album Co-Ordinator: Tony Boland. Sound Executive: Jack Peoples. Self-Aid devised and co-ordinated by Niall Mathews and Tony Boland. Radio Producer: Bill O’Donovan. Executive Producer: Niall Mathews. Concert Manager: Jim Aiken. Concert Sound Engineer: Joe O’Herlihy. Concert Co-Ordinator: Steve Iredale. Photography by Colm Henry and Tina Christiansen.

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