"Million Dollar Hotel Radio EPK" - Various Artists

Promotional Release

Track Listing:

Full Track Listing:

  • Full Interview Program and Music (20:33)
  • 11 Interview clips with Wim Wenders and Bono (0:30 – 1:10)

Background Information

The “Million Dollar Hotel” movie was produced from a screen play which Bono had co-written. The director of the film was Wim Wenders, and Bono acted as executive producer for the soundtrack album.

This release was a promotional disc for the “Million Dollar Hotel” and soundtrack. It features interviews with both Bono and Wim Wenders. The first track is 20:33 in length and features these interview segments over background music including “Never Let Me Go”, “The First Time”, “Falling at Your Feet”, “Satellite of Love” and “The Ground Beneath Her Feet” which plays to the end of the track. The interview clips that follow are a repeat of the interviews played in the initial track, but this time without any music in the background.

Two known versions exist, a silver pressed disc in Canada and one in the USA. The two were released in generic packaging with a white insert card with information about the release.

Liner Notes

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