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Million Dollar Hotel was a screenplay that Bono had co-written, and the script was eventually made into a movie by Wim Wenders in 1999. In the meantime while Wenders worked on the film, Bono acted as executive producer of the soundtrack, and not only helped with the production, but also performed on the majority of tracks on the album. The album featured tracks by U2, as well as tracks with members of U2 playing solo.

A number of promotional releases supported the soundtrack and movie itself. A number of these releases featured the full soundtrack album, including a promotional CDR in Japan, a silver pressed promo in a card sleeve for the UK, and a CD for the Australian market. All of these featured the soundtrack in full.

An additional promo CD, a CDR produced by Island Records, contained the full track listing of the album, but contains a shortened version of “Amsterdam Blue” — almost two minutes shorter than the album version. This version is the first version of the soundtrack to leak on the internet, and was first made available on February 14, 2000.

Another promotional CD, pressed by Island in the UK for use in movie theatres featured 29 tracks, including a number of soundbites announcing what the listener is hearing, and promoting the album. This release omits three tracks from the soundtrack album, leaving out “Tom Tom’s Dream,” “Amsterdam Blue,” and “Anarchy in the USA”. The other soundtrack cuts are all present twice with the exception of “Tom Tom’s Room” and “Funny Face” which only appear once on the promo. The two versions of “Never Let Me Go” on this promotional release are both edits of the track found on the soundtrack, each omitting the spoken film dialog heard on the soundtrack. The first version on the CD has a loud introduction before the lyrics start, and the second version on the CD has a quieter introduction. Once the lyrics start, both tracks are at the same volume throughout.

A final promotional CDR by Island, contains three finished commercials promoting the soundtrack, using three different lengths of music. The first features a 32 second medley of “Falling at Your Feet,” “Never Let Me Go,” and “The Ground Beneath Her Feet”. The next featured 21 seconds of “The Ground Beneath Her Feet” edited for this project, and the final featured 10.5 seconds of “The Ground Beneath Her Feet”. Although these tracks are advertisements and have a voice over top, these unique short edits, called song hooks or sound beds, are also available without the vocal over top on the disc, making the full disc six tracks in length.

Also issued for promotion of the album was two versions of an Electronic Press Kit (EPK) and multiple versions of the single, “The Ground Beneath Her Feet“.

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