"MTV Hits!" - Various Artists

Compilation Album

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Disc One:

  • “21 Seconds” – So Solid Crew
  • “Do You Really Like It?” – DJ Pied Piper & The Masters of Ceremonies
  • “All I Want” – Mis-Teeq
  • “Up Middle Finger” – Oxide & Neutrino
  • “Dance for Me” – Sisqo
  • “Survivor” – Destiny’s Child
  • “I Don’t Know” – Honeyz
  • “Ring Ring Ring” – Aaron Soul
  • “Karma Hotel” – Spooks
  • “Out of Reach” – Gabrielle
  • “Another Chance” – Roger Sanchez
  • “The Real Life” – Raven Maize
  • “Set You Free” – N-Trance
  • “Castles in the Sky” – Ian Van Dahl
  • “Meet Her at the Love Parade 2001” – Da Hool
  • “Precious Heart” – Tall Paul vs INXS
  • “21st Century” – Weekend Players
  • “I Feel Loved” – Depeche Mode
  • “We Belong in this World Together” – Stereo MCs
  • “Destiny” – Zero 7

Disc Two:

  • “Elevation” (Edit) – U2
  • “A Little Respect” – Wheatus
  • “Rock Show” – Blink 182
  • “Have A Nice Day” – Stereophonics
  • “Electric Avenue” – Eddy Grant
  • “The Way to Your Love” – Hear’Say
  • “Lovin’ Each Day” – Roman Keating
  • “I’m Like A Bird” – Nelly Furtado
  • “More Than That” – Backstreet Boys
  • “This I Promise You” – ‘Nsync
  • “Tu Amor” – Kaci
  • “Don’t Let Me Be the Last to Know” – Britney Spears
  • “Soul Sound” – Sugababes
  • “Turn” – Feeder
  • “Kiki Riri Boom” – Shaft
  • “House Some More” – Lock ‘N’ Load
  • “Boss of Me” – They Might Be Giants
  • “Back Here 2001” – BB Mak
  • “Baddest Ruffest” – Backyard Dog

Background Information

This compilation CD shows how MTV’s influence grew beyond America. The CD is a compilation put together and released by Universal Music in the UK, featuring a line up of songs that were said to be featured on MTV. It included a number of current hits and singles, as well as also some older songs, most by Universal artists.

U2 appears on the first track of disc two, with the album version of “Elevation”. Although here it appears in a shortened form, 16 seconds have been removed from the end of the song and it fades out early here. It is interesting to note that the album version was used instead of the Tomb Raider Mix which had been released as a single at the same time.

This compilation reached #15 in the compilation charts on the UK Official charts.

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