"My VH-1 Music Awards: For Your Emmy Consideration" - Various Artists

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This videocassette is a promotional release, which was used to promote the “My VH-1 Music Awards” for consideration in the Emmy Awards in the category “Outstanding Variety Music or Comedy Special”. The videocassette contained in whole, with no commercial breaks, the broadcast of the “My VH-1 Music Awards”, which had taken place at the Shrine Auditorium in California on November 30, 2000 shortly after U2’s release of “Beautiful Day” as a single, and “All That You Can’t Leave Behind” as an album.

The video opens with footage of Bono in a car being interviewed by an annoying interviewer who comes up with intelligent statements like “Vote for Bono”, and “How much did you make on that Jubillee 2000, a hundred billion dollars?” Bono sits in the car listening, but not saying anything, and then we cut to Kevin Spacey who introduces U2. We then return to the red carpet to scenes of Bono entering the Shrine Auditorium while the band begins to play the song “Beautiful Day”. The performance of “Beautiful Day” is a pretty basic performance of the song, at this time still new to the band, but ends the song with “Beautiful downtown, beautiful downtown L-A.”

The Emmy Awards for 2001 were held in November 2001. The My VH-1 Awards were not nominated in the final nominees in the category of “Outstanding Variety, Music or Comedy Special”, a category which was won by Cirque du Soleil’s “Dralion”.

The videocassette sent out to Emmy voters for consideration for this award was sent in a plastic case, with a full colour insert advertising the show.

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