"Now Dance 92" - Various Artists

Compilation Album

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Full Track Listing:

  • Shake Your Head – Was (Not Was)
  • Baker Street – Undercover
  • House of Love (Pedigree Mix) – East 17
  • Ebeneezer Goode (Beat Edit) – The Shamen
  • Something Good – Utah Saints
  • Das Boot – U96
  • I’m Gonna Get You (Original Flavour Mix Radio Edit) – Bizarre Inc.
  • Even Better Than the Real Thing (The Perfecto Mix – Radio Edit) – U2
  • Connected – Stereo MCs
  • Voulez Vous (Abba-esque Version) – Erasure
  • Money Love – Nenah Cherry
  • Joy (Radio Mix) – Soul II Soul
  • We Got A Love Thang – Ce Ce Peniston
  • I Love Your Smile (Driza Bone Single Remix) – Shanice
  • Ain’t No Man – Dina Carroll
  • Don’t You Worry ‘Bout A Thing – Incognito
  • On a Ragga Tip – S02
  • Twilight Zone – 2 Unlimited
  • Tetris – Dr. Spin
  • Run to You (Vital Organs Mix) – Rage

Background Information

This compilation CD was put together for the Now Dance series of releases in the UK, and this was the eighth volume in that series of compilations. The CD features a partially mixed CD of radio edits and single versions of popular dance tracks released in 1992, and the compilation was released in November of the year in time for the Christmas season.

Included on the mix is the radio edit of “Even Better Than the Real Thing” (The Perfecto Mix) – the original radio edit was 10 seconds longer than appears here, but as this is part of a continuous mix you can hear touches of the U2 track in the track before and after this version of the song, and the song ends cold in the middle of a lyric which is heard to finish on the next track. Continuous mixes such as these makes discography keeping a challenge, as the full mix is there, it’s just mixed up with other tracks, making the final product slightly different. In this case we’ve decided to list it as a separate edit of the track.

This series of releases is a spin off of the popular “Now That’s What I Call Music!” series of albums.

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