"Operación Triunfo Adelante 2006" - Various

Compilation Album

Track Listing:

Full Track Listing:

Disc One:
  • Adelante – OT 2006
  • Dos Mares – OT 2006
  • 46664 (Long Walk to Freedom) – Daniel Moritz, OT 2006, Bono
  • Conmigo No Se Juega – Vanessa and Lorena Mercedes
  • Mill Calles Llevan Hacia Ti – Leo, OT 2006, La Guardia
  • Quererte Siempre Mas – Ismael and Jorge
  • Carino De Contrabando – Jose Antonio and Jose
  • Perdoname Hermano – Eva Saray, OT 2006, Pasion Vega
  • All of Me to You – Lorena and Moritz
  • Abriendo Caminos – OT 2006, Diego Torres
  • Marcas – Saray and Daniel
  • Volver A Sentir – Mayte, Jorge, OT 2006
  • I Am the One – Cristina and Encarna
  • Silencio – OT 2006, David Bisbal
  • No Me Importa – Jose Antonio, Ismael and Jose
  • Nada Mas En Mi Corazon – Saray Lorena, OT 2006, Rosa
  • Ojala Fueras Mi Artista – Leo and Xavier
  • Como Eres – Lorena, Sergio Rivero
    Disc Two:
  • Celebration – Jose and Daniel Moritz
  • La Gata Bajo La Lluvia – Lorena
  • Goldfinger – Saray
  • Besos – Leo
  • Tu Nombre Me Sabe a Hierba – Jorge
  • What You’re Made of – Ismael and Vanessa
  • My Sharona – Moritz and Leo
  • Frio Sin Ti – Mercedes and Jorge
  • My Endless Love – Daniel and Saray
  • Angel – Jose
  • Los Amantes – Christna, Eva and Mercedes
  • La Vida Emieza Hoy – Ismael and Moritz
  • Como Pudiste Hacerme Esto A Mi – Jose and Mercedes
  • I’m a Believer – Leo, Daniel and Jose Antonio
  • Sunday Morning – Ismael
  • Lo Echarmos A Suertes – Mayte and Vanessa
  • No – Lorena and Jorge
  • Holding Out for a Hero – Vanessa, Lorena and Eva

Background Information

Operación Triunfo is a Spanish reality talent contest which first aired in Spain in 2001. Operación Triunfo, also known as OT, puts the cast through a variety of competitions singing cover versions of popular songs with tutoring from various professionals. The fifth season of the show started in October 2006. This double album was released as a soundtrack to this season of the television show featuring performances from the show as well as others done directly for the album. The album featured a number of special guests,including Bono.

The album was release on December 4, 2006, and reached the #2 chart position in the Spanish chart. It was released on Santander Records in conjunction with BMG and Sony. It was not widely released outside of Spain, however tracks from the album can be purchased on iTunes throughout Europe. The song which is used here is “46664 (Long Walk to Freedom)” and the song appears to use Bono’s previously recorded vocals from the original release of the song. The song was then remixed with Spanish vocals by Daniel Moritz and the cast of OT 2006, and new vocal harmonies. It is unknown how much participation Bono had in the production of this song.

The original version of “46664 (Long Walk to Freedom)” was a song that Bono was working on with David Stewart of the Eurythmics and Joe Strummer of the Clash. Strummer passed before the song was completed, and the recording was done with Bono on lead vocals. The song was named for Nelson Mandela’s prison number, 46664, which also became the campaign name to bring information about the AIDS epidemic in Africa to a wider audience. The original recording of the song could be listened to in two ways, either by calling a special country specific number, or via a digital download of the song.

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