"Peace Together" - Various Artists

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Full Track Listing:

  • Be Still – Peace Together (3:52)
  • What a Waste – Curve and Ian Dury (5:01)
  • Games Without Frontiers – Pop Will Eat Itself (5:23)
  • Satellite of Love (Live, Dallas, TX, 1992) – U2 with Lou Reed (3:51)
  • Invisible Sun – Therapy? (3:15)
  • Peace in our Time – Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine (3:49)
  • Religious Persuasion – Billy Bragg, Andy White, Sinead O’Connor (5:40)
  • We Have All the Time in the World – My Bloody Valentine (3:15)
  • Bad Weather – Young Disciples (4:34)
  • John the Gun – Fatima Mansions (4:26)
  • Oliver’s Army – Blur (3:09)
  • When We Were Two Little Boys – Rolf Harris and Liam O’Maonlai (4:57)
  • Be Still (Robin Guthrie Remix) – Peace Together featuring Elizabeth Frazer (3:52)

Background Information

In the summer of 1990, Robert Hamilton, drummer with The Fat Lady Sings, and Alistair McMordie, bass player with Stiff Little Fingers toured each others respective hometowns of Dublin and Belfast. While in London, religion had never been brought up and they had no idea of each other’s background, however returning to Ireland it quickly became a part of the conversation. The two returned to London, and realized there was a large amount of support for those in Northern Ireland who simply wanted to live in peace. There was frustration that these people felt they had no voice, so in January 1992, the two joined together in a venture they named “Peace Together”. The initiative was aimed at those living in Britain and Ireland a way through music to voice their solidarity with those who sought peace in Northern Ireland.

Initially the plan was to stage three concerts, one each in Belfast, Dublin, and London, all on the same day under the tag line “1 Day 2 Help 3 Cities 4 Peace”. The London concert was cancelled when support was felt to be waning of the organization. The Belfast concert was cancelled due to a bomb going off near the hotel where the artists were due to stay just days before the event. U2 was not a part of the Dublin concert, which did feature Hothouse Flowers and New Order.

An album was put together, which featured British and Irish artists to “focus on strength and hope in the face of adversity.” The profits from the album were put towards the benefit of the youth of Northern Ireland. In most cases the songs performed on the album were cover songs. U2 contributed a live recording of “Satellite of Love”, a cover of a song originally by Lou Reed. The song was recorded live at U2’s Zoo TV concert at the Texas Stadium, in Dallas (Irving), Texas, on October 16, 1992. During the performances of the song on the Zoo TV tour, Lou Reed would appear via video wall to sing the song with U2. This was the case with this show in Texas, and Reed can be heard singing along side U2 on this release.

U2 had recorded a studio version of “Satellite of Love” which was included on the “One” commercial single. Later, in 1999, the song would also be used extensively on the “Million Dollar Hotel” soundtrack, with two versions being recorded with Bono and Milla Jovovich performing. Bono would also work with Lou Reed later on the 1997 single, “Perfect Day”.

The lead single from the album was “Be Still” by Peace Together, a super group made up of Peter Gabriel, Sinéad O’Connor, Feargal Sharkey, Nanci Griffith, Jah Wobble, Nick Kelly from the Fat Lady Sings and members of Hothouse Flowers. The song was a cover of a song originally performed by The Fat Lady Sings. U2 was not a part of this collaboration, and are not featured on the single.

Liner Notes

Satellite of Love (Live):
Written by L. Reed. Recorded live in Dallas. U2 appear courtesy of Island Records Limited. Lou Reed appears courtesy of Sire Record Company.

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