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Full Track Listing:

  • Discothèque (DM Deep Radio Mix) – U2
  • It’s My Life (40o Radio Mix) – DJ Bobo
  • It’s My Life (Bahia Radio Mix) – DJ Bobo
  • Dance With Me (Radio Mix) – Lulu Joppert
  • La Calle De Las Sirenas (Album Version) – Kabah
  • Bailando (Radio Version) – Paradisio
  • Don’t Speak (Radio Version) – 4 Sure
  • Ya Know How We Do It (Album Version) – Saskia Lardo
  • I Love You Always and Forever – Unreal

Background Information

This is a multi-artist promotional CD issued by PolyGram / Mercury in Brazil. The CD features 9 tracks, and opens with U2’s “Discothèque.” This is a unique edit of the track, it is an edited version of the DM Deep Club Mix, and is very similar to the version of that song which was found on Pure Dance 1998. On that release, however, it was part of a continuous mix and was mixed with the songs before and after the song. Here, on the promotional CD from Brazil it is a clean start and end to the track. This is not the same mix that is found on vinyl at a similar length, the “DM Deep Beats Mix”, as that version is instrumental and this version does have lyrics.

The compilation was aimed towards dance music radio stations, and was done to look like other Polygram CD promos at the time. It was released in a slimline jewel case with a generic Polygram insert.

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