"Rock O' The Irish" - Various Artists

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Full Track Listing:

  • Saturday Night – The Frank and Walters
  • The Dancer – The Frames
  • The New Life – The Waterboys
  • Goldfinger – Ash
  • Loose – Therapy?
  • 1000% – Fatima Mansions
  • Checkin’ In, Checkin’ Out, Alpaca Park – The High Llamas
  • Zombie – The Cranberries
  • I Don’t Like Mondays – The Boomtown Rats
  • Five Points – Black 47
  • Pardon Me – Mundy
  • Haunted – Shane MacGowan and the Popes with Sinead O’Connor
  • Mysterious Ways (The Perfecto Mix) – U2
  • Rain Street – The Pogues

Background Information

This 1998 compilation was put together by executive producer Wagner Bucci for Beloved Recordings. The compilation was put together at a time where a large number of Irish music compilations were being released in the USA, and were quite popular, but these compilations steered clear of rock music. This compilation fixed to end that and produce a compilation of popular rock musicians from Ireland.

‘The U2 song included on the compilation is “Mysterious Ways (The Perfecto Mix)”, but strangely on the back cover of the release, the song is incorrectly titled “Manifesto Mix”. It is suspected that somewhere along the way someone was unfamiliar with the word Perfecto and substituted what they thought it said. It is indeed the Perfecto mix of this song, and is not a unique mix, although this has caused confusion for a number of years.

Liner Notes

Mysterious Ways (Manifesto Mix):
Performed by U2.

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