"Select Presents Exclusives" - Various Artists

Compilation Album

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Side A:
Stuck on Amber (Original Mix) – Boo Radleys
Haunted by You (Live) – Gene
Perfect Day (Martinjuana Mix) – EMF
Seeperbold – Stereolab
Magnetic Shield Dub (Protection) – Massive Attack
It’s Wrong of You to Breed – Sleeper
Just Like Me – Steamboat Band
Higher – Whiteout

Side B:
Stay (Faraway, So Close!) (Underdog Mix) – U2
Nothing to be Done – Teenage Fanclub
Spread Your Wings (Pure Phase) – Spiritualized Electric Mainline
Late Gate Show – Marion
Worn Away – McAlmont
Incidental Harmon – Global Communication

Background Information

Select Magazine, subtitled “Pop Babylon” was a UK based magazine that focused on music. The magazine often included free cassettes attached to the front of the magazine by a variety of artists. In the April 1995 issue of the magazine, a cassette was bundled to the front cover, called “Select Presents Exclusives: 70 Minutes of exclusive music from…”

At the time of the release, this cassette was the only place where you could find the tracks on the cassette. The U2 contribution here is a remix of the song “Stay (Faraway, So Close!)” titled the “Underdog Mix”. That was the odd track out, as you could find that song on the “Melon” remix CD that was pressed for subscribers of the U2 fan club, “Propaganda” but that was the only way to find the song. The fan club release had started to be distributed in February of 1995, and continued to show up at subscribers homes throughout the year, so the inclusion of this track on this free cassette given away with Select Magazine was an obvious attempt to promote the fan club release.

Two years earlier, in the May 1993 issue, U2 had also participated in the “Island Select” cassette which featured a unique edit of “Salome (Zooromancer Remix)”.

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