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Full Track Listing:

  • “Faith” (From Sing) – Ariana Grande and Stevie Wonder (02:42)
  • “I’m Still Standing” (From Sing) – Taron Egerton (03:07)
  • “Don’t You Worry ‘Bout A Thing” (From Sing) – Tori Kelly (04:01)
  • “Set It All Free” (From Sing) – Scarlett Johansson (03:34)
  • “Shake It Off” (From Sing) – Nick Kroll and Reese Witherspoon (02:00)
  • “Golden Slumbers / Carry That WEight” (From Sing) – Jennifer Hudson (03:40)
  • “Hallelujah” (From Sing) – Tori Kelly (03:27)
  • “My Way” (From Sing) – Seth MacFarlane (04:16)
  • “Your Song Saved My Life” (From Sing 2) – U2 (03:31)
  • “There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back” (From Sing 2) – Taron Egerton and Tori Kelly (03:23)
  • “Break Free” (From Sing 2) – Reese Witherspoon and Nick Kroll (01:34)
  • “I Say A Little Prayer” (From Sing 2) – Tori Kelly and Pharell Williams (02:09)
  • “Stuck in a Moment You Can’t Get Out Of)” (From Sing 2) – Scarlett Johansson (03:39)
  • “A Sky Full of Stars” (From Sing 2) – Taron Egerton (03:26)
  • “Could Have Been Me” (From Sing 2) – Halsey (02:28)
  • “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” (From Sing 2) – Scarlett Johannson and Bono (03:01)
  • “Sueltate” (From Sing 2) – Sam Spiegel and Jarina De Marco (03:30)

Background Information

Less than a year after the release of the Sing 2 soundtrack, this new release of music from the film includes tracks from both the first Sing film and the second. The versions included here appear to be the same as those released on the original soundtracks for these films. U2 are involved in two tracks directly. Bono performs “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” with actress Scarlett Johannson, and U2’s “Your Song Saved My Life” is also included. Scarlett Johannson’s performance of U2’s “Stuck in a Moment You Can’t Get Out Of” is also included on this compilation. And Bono’s character, Clay Calloway, is featured on the cover. The album is being called “Sing! Highlights” or “Sing! Highlights from the Motion Picture Soundtracks” on different services.

Bono appeared in the film Sing 2 as Clay Calloway, a retired rock star who is brought out of retirement by the cast of the film. It is Bono’s first voice over role in an animated film.

This release appears to be a digital only release in most regions, appearing on streaming services and digital storefronts on August 5, 2022. There will be at least one physical version, as Target in the USA is releasing a CD version of this title, which is advertised as a Target Exclusive. We are not aware at this time of other physical releases, but will update with that information when we find out more.

The original soundtrack for Sing 2 was released on December 17, 2021. The original soundtrack contains the three tracks mentioned above plus a recording of the cast performing “Where the Streets Have No Name” which is not present on this compilation.

Liner Notes

Your Song Saved My Life:
Lyrics by Bono. Written by U2. Produced by Declan Gaffney, Jacknife Lee and Martijn Garritsen. Vocals by Bono. Guitar by The Edge. Bass by Adam Clayton. Drums by Larry Mullen. Piano by The Edge. Additional Piano by Jacknife Lee. Additional Guitars by Martijn Garritsen, Mark Otten. Strings Arranged & Performed by Davide Rossi. Background Vocals by The Edge, Jacknife Lee. Programming by Jacknife Lee, Martijn Garritsen. Mixed by Martin Garritsen & Mark Otten at STMPD Studios. Mastered by Martijn Garritsen & Mark Otten at STMPD Studios. Editing & Additional Engineering by Matt Bishop.

I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For:
Written by U2. Mixed by Harvey Mason jr. at Harvey Mason Media. Programming by Harvey Mason jr., Andrew Hey, Sam Ramirez. Arranged by Harvey Mason jr. Keys by Sam Ramirez, Harvey Mason jr., Andrew Hey. Guitar by Andrew Hey. Bass by Andrew Hey. Drums by Aaron Sterling. Synth by Sam Ramirez. Additional String Arrangement by Joby Talbot. Background vocals by Amick Byram, Ana Krafchick, Andrew Hey, Angel Louise Levine, Angela Parrish, Angie Jaree, Ann Marie Sheridan, Betsy Hammer, Bevin Hamilton, Bill Cantos, Briana Lee, Britt Burton, Brock Baker, Carley Knobloch, Charissa Nielsen, Dan Navarro, David Loucks, DJ Harper, Ed Zajac, Emily Zuzik, Eric Bradley, Fletcher Sheridan, Gregory Fletcher, Harvey Mason jr, Holly Pitrago, Jason Paige, Jasper Randall, Jen Faith Brown, Joel Virgel, Johnny Britt, Josh Bedlion, Kenton Chen, Kevin Randolph, Laura Jackman, Matt Easton, Meredith Pyle, Monique Donnelly, Rachel Panchal, Rick Logan, Sam Ramirez, Sarah Pinzon, Sophia Pizzulo, Stephanie Haidet, Stevvi Alexander, Walt Harrah, WIll Wheaton, Windy Wagner, Yukiko Haneda. Bono’s Vocals Engineered by Duncan Stewart.

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