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SingStar was a video game developed by Sony and has been released for a variety of consoles. U2 tracks have featured in many of the releases. The SingStar game was a singing game, and features musical videos which you sing along with. Some later versions of the game introduced other elements such as SingStar Guitar which introduced a guitar you had to play along with. The system then rates your performance and assigns a score based on how many target notes you hit, etc. In the game as the video plays, the lyrics are shown over top of the screen, and as you hit notes, it shows your progress. In SingStar Guitar, the fretboard of the guitar is displayed over the video showing which areas need to be pressed and held to score points.

“Beautiful Day” was available on “SingStar Pop Hits” (April 27, 2007) released in the UK, Australia, Denmark, Germany, Spain, Poland and Portugal. It was also available on “SingStar Guitar” (October 15, 2010) for the PS3, available in the UK and Germany. It was also released on the base “SingStar” (December 6, 2007) game released for the PS3 console, in the UK, US, Germany, France and Norway.

“Vertigo” was available on “SingStar Legends” (Oct 27, 2006) released in the UK, Australia, Germany, Denmark, Spain, France and Italy. It was also available on “SingStar Pop” (April 3, 2007) available in the USA and Canada.

Three downloads are made available through the Sony SingStar website for use with the PS3 releases in Australia and the UK. Each of these feature “Cover Art” from the U218 Singles compilation, and were taken from that release. The three songs available for download for use on the PS3 system are “With or Without You”, “Pride (In the Name of Love” and “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For”. “With or Without You” was also made available as part of an “Island Records SingStar” pack which included songs by Pulp (“Common People”), Mika (“Big Girl You Are Beautiful”), The Fratelli’s (“Chelsea Dagger”), and The Christians (“Harvest for the World”).

Each song is accompanied by it’s video. The video for “Pride” is the more common sepia version.

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