"Strictly Bass Too" - Various Artists

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Full Track Listing:

  • Lemon (Bad Yard Club Mix) – U2
  • Step it Up (Ultimatum Remix) – Stereo MCs
  • The Floor (LP Version) – Johnny Gill
  • I’ll Be There (Bryn’s Radio Mix) – Rupert Gayle
  • Rainman – Sam Mollison
  • Open Up Your Heart (And Let the Sunshine In) – Premier featuring Marquise
  • Boom Shack-A-Lak – Apache Indian
  • Tease Me (Massive Sound Mix) – Chaka Demus & Pliers
  • U (K-Klass Klub Mix) – Loni Clark
  • Give It Up (Batacuda Refrescante) – The Goodmen
  • The Bottle (Groove Corporation Vocal Mix) – The Christians
  • Sex Drive (Sex Pitch Mix) – Grace Jones
  • Pure (French House Mix) – West End Girls
  • I-GHT (Alright) (Non Explicit Mix) – Doug E Fresh
  • Try & Stop Us (Radio Mix) – Split Personality

Background Information

This compilation was one example of Island Records in Canada attempting to put out compilations for the fast growing dance market. The CD was compiled from Island record artists, and it was mixed together as a nonstop dance mix, as advertised on the cover. This was the second CD in the “Strictly Bass” series, as noted by the “Too”. The first CD had been released in 1993, and a third CD would be released in 1995. The mixed featured a mix of international and Canadian artists in a continuous mix.

The song on “Strictly Bass Too” featuring U2 is an edit of “Lemon (Bad Yard Club Mix)”. Although listed as 5:04 on the back cover of the CD the track actually runs only 4:54 in length. As it is the first track of the CD there is no other song mixed into it at the start, although ten seconds or so of “Lemon” can be heard fading out during the start of the Stereo MCs song “Step It Up (Ultimatum Remix)” as the track starts.

The “Bad Yard Club Mix” has been released in a number of forms. The original mix is 10:13 and was released on the “Lemon” single and promotional single. The “Bad Yard Club Short Mix” was 8:36 and was released on the “Melon” fan club album. The “Bad Yard Club Edit” was 5:19 in length and appeared on the “Stay (Faraway So Close!)” single. The “BYC Version Dub” or “Morales BYC Version Dub” was 6:35 in length and appeared on the “Lemon” single and promotional single.

Liner Notes

U2 – Lemon (Bad Yard Club Mix)
Music: U2. Words: Bono. From the Island release “Zooropa”, 314518047-4/2

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