"The Busk" - Various Artists


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Side A:

  • “Running to Stand Still” – Bono & The Busk Choir
  • “Goodnight World” – Lisa O’Neill
  • “Astronaut” – Damien Rice, Glen Hansard & Rónan O’Snodaigh
  • “In the Half-Light” – Laura Quirke
  • “Fitzcarraldo” – The Frames
  • “Young Soldier” – Adam Mohammed

Side B:

  • “Forever Young” – Liam O’Maonlai & The Busk Choir
  • “Ní Ceadmhach Neamhshuim” – Louise Mulcahy & Manchán Magan
  • “Big Love” – Lily
  • “Tá’n t’Ádh Liom” – Rónan O’Snodaigh, Myles O’Reilly & Stephen James Smith

Background Information

Bono’s performance of “Running to Stand Still” at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Dublin for last year’s The Busk is being released this December. The performance was streamed worldwide on Christmas Eve, with money raised going towards Simon Community, and their work with homeless populations in Dublin.

The record will be released on December 9, 2022. It is available to be purchased online from thebuskrecord.com and will be available in store at Golden Discs in Ireland. At this time the only physical format is vinyl, however, it is confirmed that a digital release will also be available through retailers such as iTunes, Spotify and Google Play.

The record itself is a double-sided 140g vinyl. The record is being pressed using new technology, with the record itself being made from zero waste eco-mix recycled PVC, and the sleeve will be a PEFC certified sleeve. The cover art has been corrected.

The record was recorded live at St. Patrick’s Cathedral on December 19 and 20 of last year.

Bono has been participating with Glen Hansard’s busking sessions at Christmastime since 2009. The artists often would gather in the streets around Grafton to perform a handful of songs. With Covid-19, the busking had to change, and after skipping 2019, has moved inside to televised or streamed events these last two years. We have a full list of U2’s participation at these sessions here, and there is more detail on Bono’s appearance at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in 2021 here.

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