"The Cornerstone Player 021" - Various Artists

Promotional Release

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Full Track Listing:

Disc One:

  • Invalid Litter Dept – At the Drive-In
  • Don’t Switch That Groove
  • Illuminate – Orbital ft. David Gray
  • Please Forgive Me (Paul Hartnoll Mix) – David Gray ft. Orbital
  • We Found It
  • Paint the SIlence – South
  • Fan-Tastic
  • Wait – Seven Mary Three
  • I’m Stupid – Prime
  • How Do Ya Like That?
  • Are You With Me? – Color
  • Authority of Music
  • 100 Million Ways – NASH
  • Aisle 10 – Scapegoat Wax
  • Nothing Rhymes
  • Godless (Massive Attack Edit) – The Dandy Warhols
  • Set Backs
  • Eden – Mayfield Four
  • Sideways – The Sheila Divine
  • See It Our Way
  • Insert Band Here
  • Relax (Edit) – Keoki
  • No Rejection
  • So Far Away (Radio Edit) – Stabbing Westward
  • Stop, Look and Listen
  • Gravity – The Super Jesus
  • Chosen for You
  • Understand The Dream is Over – The Juliana Theory
  • Unity
  • Unified – G. Love & Special Sauce
  • Actions Will Be Taken
  • Clutch – Shea Segar

Disc Two:

  • Intro – Keoki
  • Untitled – Bjork
  • Beautiful Day (Paul Oakenfold Remix) – U2
  • Situation (Club 69 Mix) – Yaz
  • B (Danny Tenglia Mix)” – Datar
  • Jealousy – Keoki ft. Daniel Ash
  • Weapon of Choice – Fatboy Slim [Video]
  • Scapegoat Wax EPK [Video]
  • Gravity – The Super Jesus [Video]
  • Photo Gallery – Maclej Toporowicz [Video]
  • Series 7 Movie Trailer [Video]

Background Information

The second disc of this two disc promotional release contains U2’s “Beautiful Day (Paul Oakenfold Mix)” which is a different mix than Oakenfolds other many remixes of the song. The song is closest to his 2001 remix for the “Ibiza” album, but here some of Bono’s vocals from that mix are left out. This second disc is a continuous disc mixed by the DJ Keoki, and as such “Beautiful Day” starts during the track before it and ends during the track after it. The track that leads in has about 1:37 of the mix audible, and is a track that is attributed to Bjork, but it appears this is more of a sample of her voice over some music created most likely by Keoki himself. The track after the U2 one is Yaz’s “Situation” remixed by Club 69. Only a few seconds of “Beautiful Day” overlaps into this track.

The promotional CD was put together by Cornerstone Promotion. They were a lifestyle marketing company. These mixes would include videos, EPKs, and audio tracks from a variety of artists. Cornerstone started producing these compilations in 1998. They stopped producing these promotional mixes in 2002, and have since transitioned into a successful marketing and advertising agency.

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