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Side A:
Teen Angel Eyes – Tommy Tutone (3:30)
De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da – The Police (4:07)
Whip It – Devo (2:38)
When I Find You – Phil Seymour (5:13)
Better Luck Next Time – Oingo Boingo (3:30)

Side B:
Are You Ready for the Sex Girls? – Gleaming Spires (4:00)
Since You’re Gone – The Cars (3:30)
I Know What Boys Like – The Waitresses (3:14)
Airwaves – The Fortune Band (3:46)
I Will Follow – U-2 (3:34)

Background Information

“The Last American Virgin” was a 1982 film by writer / director Boaz Davidson. The film was a remake of the 1978 Israeli film by the name “Eskimo Limon”. Being released in July 1982, the film beats out “They Call it an Accident” as U2’s first appearance on a soundtrack by a few months. The film opened on June 26, 1982 in Japan, and followed shortly after that in Germany (July 15, 1982) and the USA (July 30, 1982). The soundtrack album was released in July 1982 on Columbia Records in North America and on CBS in Europe. The album was released on vinyl in Europe, and vinyl and cassette in North America. The movie featured about half of the songs which could be heard in the movie.

The song by U2 featured in the movie and on the album is “I Will Follow”. This is the same version of the song which was released on the album “Boy” except the initial count in that can be heard on the “Boy” album has been edited out on this release. It’s a minor difference, which results in an edit just seconds shorter than the album version, but it is indeed an edit.

One thing to note is that U2 is credited on the sleeve of the vinyl as “U-2”, This was corrected for promotional posters which listed the soundtrack content, but on the soundtrack it lists U-2 on the cover and on the labels itself. This was an early variation on the name of the band, which had stopped being used as of U2 singles made in 1981.

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