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Time-Life was founded in 1961, as a division of Time. Starting in 1966, inspired by the growing record club model, Time-Life began to offer series of recordings, sent to a subscriber on a routine basis, typically every six weeks or so. These were sent “on approval,” meaning the buyer could listen for a short time, and if they didn’t like the particular selection of songs, they could send it back, no questions asked.

In 1993 Rolling Stone in conjunction with Time-Life started issuing a retrospective collection of albums titled “The Rolling Stone Collection: 25 Years of Essential Rock”. Each album in the series covered a number of years such as “1982 – 1986”. U2 appeared in the series twice. On the “1977 – 1982” collection, “I Will Follow” was included and on the “1982 – 1986” collection “Pride (In the Name of Love)” was included.

In the 1994 Rolling Stone in conjunction with Time-Life started a new series titled “Sounds of the Eighties.” This early series features a collage on the front cover surrounded with a white border, and included releases specific to one year, as well as some special collections such as “The Rockin’ Eighties”. There was no U2 content in that series. In 1995, based on the success of the early releases in the series, Time-Life continued with the series, although this time they changed the images to a blocky hand drawn “Sounds of the Eighties“ with a range of years on each CD. This time U2 was included on the series.

U2 was not included on other Time-Life collections from the 1990s.

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