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Originally release on December 16, 2005, this DVD release contained two DVDs of performances taken from the Channel 4 television show, “The Tube” from the UK. The Tube first aired in 1982. The show was produced in Newcastle upon Tyne and ran on the air from November 1982, until being cancelled in April 1987. The show was a showcase for many emerging 1980s bands, and featured live performances from 3-4 bands each week when other musical TV shows in the UK featured performances that were mimed. U2’s performance on The Tube was taped live on March 16, 1983, in the Tyne Tees Studio in Newcastle. The full set performed that night was “Gloria”, “New Year’s Day”, “Sunday Bloody Sunday”, “40” and “I Will Follow”.

What is strange about this release, is it was quickly withdrawn from store shelves, and became very difficult to find. Then on August 28, 2006 a new version of the release was issued, now shorter by seven minutes. What had been removed? The U2 performance of “New Year’s Day” is now gone from the video, as is an interview clip with Bono that had been present on the original DVD. The original version had featured Bono on the right hand side on the cover, and this has now been replaced by a shot of Phil Lynott instead. And as they no longer appear, U2’s name on the front cover has been removed, as is the listing for “New Year’s Day” on the back. So if you are looking for this one, you’ll have to look specifically for the original release.

The U2 performance is live, the sound is not particularly mixed well, and Bono seems short on voice at some points. The interview clip with Bono featured the interviewer trying to get Bono to react but failing to get the response he wants cuts away to another band instead to Bono’s dismay. While we are unsure why these clips had been removed, its likely that The Tube did not have the rights to issue these and a complaint was raised. An earlier audio compilation of material from The Tube, featured the album version of “New Year’s Day” and only a low resolution video clip of the live performance. That album, The Very Best of the Tube, was issued in 2002.

The video on the audio release in 2002 ran 04:44 in length. The track on this newer DVD release runs slightly longer at 05:16 in length, but the added length does not add to the U2 performance, and is only the hosts of the show wrapping up the broadcast, and introducing U2 before the band starts to play.

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