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Your Silence is Your Song – Steve Winwood
October (Instrumental) – U2 (1:25)
Guilt – Marianne Faithfull
Night Train – Steve Winwood
Some Vision – Jess Roden and Peter Wood
Main Theme – Steve Winwood
Demolition Man – Compass Point All Stars
October (Remix) – U2 (2:31)
The First Flower – Wally Badarou
Future Soon – Jess Roden and Peter Wood
Gabriel’s Dream – Wally Badarou
Your Silence is Your Song – Steve Winwood

Background Information

The movie, “They Call it an Accident” was released on September 29, 1982. The movie was French, and carried the name “Ils Appelent Ça Un Incident” on it’s initial release. The movie itself has made little mark, but the soundtrack to the movie still can be found, and has had some interest over the years due to the early remixes of U2, and the tracks by Steve Winwood and Marianne Faithfull. The soundtrack was released on Island Records worldwide and features many artists that were signed to Island at the time. U2 was given secondary billing on the album cover behind Steve Winwood on the French release.

The movie featured a number of instrumental tracks created by Wally Badarou. Badarou was born in Paris, and was a close associate of the band Level 42, co-writing, performing on and producing many of their albums. He was also part of the Compass Point Studio recording team, which was an in-house recording studio for Island Records, put together by Chris Blackwell, who featured on albums by Grace Jones, Mick Jagger, and many others. Badarou not only contributes instrumental tracks to this album, he also is responsible for the two mixes of “October” by U2 which are featured on the album.

“October” was initially recorded and released on the album of the same name in 1981. The mixes here are quite different. The first mix, at 1:25 is just an instrumental piece of music. It is really just a shortened edit of the version that can be found on “October”, cutting out before the vocals would start. The second mix at 2:31 is once again very similar to the album version, with an added keyboard instrumentals throughout the the song. This keyboard solos are performed by Badarou. The song starts as the U2 one does, and twenty seconds in goes to Badarou’s keyboards, returning to and finishing with U2’s recording of the song a minute later.

The album was released with different artwork in different regions.

The album was released

Liner Notes

U2 tracks remixed by Wally Badarou.

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