"The Sun Does Rise" - Wobble, Jah

Single (EP)

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  • The Sun Does Rise
  • Snake Charmer (Reprise)
  • A13
  • So Many Years

Background Information

This CD single from Jah Wobble’s Invaders of the Heart was for the single “The Sun Does Rise”. There were two parts to the single, the regular version, and the limited edition “Rarities Edition” which was numbered. This entry deals only with the “Rarities Edition” of the CD single, and the other version has no U2 content. This was a limited release, and each copy is individually numbered on the front of the sleeve.

In 1983 the Edge worked with Jah Wobble and Holger Czukay on an EP entitled “Snake Charmer” which was released through Island Records in October 1983. The EP featured five tracks. The Edge was listed as participating on three of the tracks, “Snake Charmer” (slide guitar and soloist), “Hold on to Your Dreams” (lead guitar and effects), and “Snake Charmer (Reprise)” (slide guitar and soloist). However, there was an error when the recordings were pressed in the US, and this resulted in alternate versions of the tracks being used on the UK vs the US pressings. “Hold on to Your Dreams” was the same on both releases. “Snake Charmer” was different at 6:14 on the UK release, and the alternate version being 6:20 on the US release. “Snake Charmer (Reprise)” was also different being 6:54 on the UK release, and an alternate version at 6:58 on the US version. These weren’t just edits, but are actually very distinctive different mixes. Jah Wobble started out as a member of Public Image Ltd (PiL) and later would form the Invaders of the Heart. Holger Czukay was a co-founder of the band Can. The entire EP was mixed by Francois Kervorkian, a French DJ, producer and remixer, who worked on U2’s “Two Hearts Beat as One” as well in 1983.

It is “Snake Charmer (Reprise)” from the UK release which is featured here on “The Sun Does Rise”. The release is a single by Jah Wobble, released in 1994, 11 years after the original “Snake Charmer” EP. As “Snake Charmer” had only been released on vinyl and cassette, this release was the first release of one of these tracks on CD, although others would follow on various compilations over the years. For more information, please see the entry for “Snake Charmer”.

Liner Notes

Snake Charmer (Reprise):
Written by Wobble, Marland, Czukay, Kevorkian. Performed by Jah Wobble, The Edge and Holger Czukay. Produced by Francois Kervorkian.

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