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Bono and Stevie Wonder recorded a new version of Wonder’s “Love’s in Need of Love Today” for the 2007 film “Darfur Now”. The song played over the end credits of the film. The movie premiered on November 2, 2007 and featured the song in the film. “Darfur Now” follows the story of six individuals, who are tied together by the same cause: the crisis in Darfur. The myspace page for the film, http://www.myspace.com/darfurnow/ began streaming the song by Stevie Wonder and Bono on November 12, 2007. The streaming song file is an mp3 encoded at 128kbps. There is no artwork or other information embedded within the file, and it was meant to stream through myspace, and was not available for download.

The producer of the film, Ted Braun related that as he finished production on the movie in April of 2007 he thought immediately of Bono as the perfect person to sing the closing song. He approached Bono asking if he would be interested in writing and performing a song for the film. A month or so later, Bono replied suggesting he was interested but wanted to see the final movie before committing. In July Braun sent a copy of the movie to Bono in France, where Bono accompanied by George Clooney watched the film. Bono agreed to work on the song, but worried there wasn’t time to complete a new song before final production of the film. It was Braun that suggested “Love is In Need of Love Today” and Bono contacted Stevie Wonder and the duet was born.

Cathy Schulman, producer of the movie spoke about Bono’s involvement: “We were all fortunate enough to engage Bono to do the end credit song. This was a huge coup for us and something we are really proud of. He re-recorded “Love’s In Need of Love Today,” which is Stevie Wonder’s song. We are so proud to have some of Hollywood’s best talent involved in this film, and I encourage Hollywood to do more.”

A soundtrack to the film was released, which contains only the music composed by Graeme Revell for the film. The track sung by Bono and Stevie Wonder was not released on the CD. A DVD release of the film does include the duet over the closing credits of the movie.

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Love’s in Need of Love Today:
Written by Stevie Wonder. Produced by Martin Russell and Rori Coleman. Performed by Bono and Stevie Wonder.

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