"Slide on This" - Wood, Ronnie


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Full Track Listing:

  • Somebody Else Might (4:54)
  • Testify (5:00)
  • Ain’t Rock & Roll (3:46)
  • Josephine (5:29)
  • Knock Yer Teeth Out (4:01)
  • Ragtime Annie (2:34)
  • Must Be Love (4:11)
  • Fear for Your Future (4:02)
  • Show Me (3:32)
  • Always Wanted More (5:34)
  • Thinkin’ (5:50)
  • Like It (4:21)
  • Breathe On Me (5:29)
    Alternative Tracks:
  • Josephine (In Your Face Mix) (4:27)
  • Somebody Else Might (Remix) (5:59)

Background Information

On a break from the Rolling Stones, Ron Wood worked on a solo album in 1992, recording “Slide on This” and releasing the album in September of 1992. The album was recorded in Dublin, Ireland where Wood was living at the time. Recording was done in both Ron Woods home in St. Kildare Ireland, and Windmill Lane Recording Studios in Dublin. Ron Wood took advantage of his Dublin location to invite some locals to play on tracks, including U2’s The Edge, and the Hothouse Flowers. The album was Ron Wood’s first solo project in twelve years.

The liner notes of the album are short on details, other than to list that the Edge had provided “Additional Guitars” and do not even break down which tracks he was a part of. The only hint to where he might have appeared comes in the form of a picture of a song board, of the work in progress, listing each song on the album and notes beside. Here the Edge is listed on “Somebody Else Might” and is listed as “Edge in bits” on “Ain’t Rock & Roll”. Further, his picture, drawn by Wood, appears across from the lyrics of “Ain’t Rock & Roll” in the booklet. Through the release of singles from the album, we’ve had confirmation the Edge does perform on “Somebody Else Might” and “Ain’t Rock & Roll”. Further, it’s also been confirmed that he performs on “Show Me” on the album. He may perform on other tracks on the album, but at this time is only confirmed to play on the three.

“Somebody Else Might” was released as a promotional single for the album. “Stay With Me” was released as a live single in the following year and contained a remix of “Somebody Else Might”. “Show Me” was also issued as a single from the album. The album itself was quick to go out of print, but was reissued in 1998 with an additional track (a remix of “Somebody Else Might”) and a different cover. There are multiple versions of the song “Somebody Else Might” including the album version (4:53), an Edit (3:49), a Remix (6:00), and the “Slidin’ on This Mix” at 4:32. These can be found on the various releases listed above.

Liner Notes

Somebody Else Might: Ron Wood: Guitar, vocals, steel guitar, bass. Bernard Fowler: Vocals, keyboards, programming. The Edge: Guitar. Chuck Leavell: Organ.

Show Me: Ron Wood: Vocals, guitars. Bernard Fowler: Vocals, keyboards. Charlie Watts: Drums. Doug Wimbish: Bass. Joe Elliott: Additional Vocals. The Edge: Additional Guitars. Produced and arranged by Bernard Fowler and Ron Wood. Engineered and Co-Produced by Eoghan McCarron.

Ain’t Rock & Roll: Ron Wood: Guitar, vocals. Charlie Watts: Drums. Bernard Fowler: Vocals. Doug Wimbash: Bass. The Edge: Guitar. Feilim Gormley: Saxophone.

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