"Discover" - Zucchero


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Full Track Listing:

  • Amore Adesso (No Time for Love Like Now)
  • Canta la Vita (Let Your Love Be Known) (Featuring Bono)
  • The Scientist
  • Wicked Game
  • Luce (Tramonti a Nord Est) (Featuring Elisa)
  • Follow You Follow Me
  • Natural Blues (Featuring Mahmood)
  • Fiore di Maggio
  • Human
  • Con te Partirò
  • High Flyin’ Bird
  • Ho Visto Nina Volare (Featuring Fabrizio De Andre)
  • Lost Boys Calling

Background Information

When the COVID pandemic hit, Italy was one of the first regions hit hard. As uncertainty was faced by many countries, Italy was already in lockdown, and one of the early stories of hope from Italy showed neighbors singing together from their balconies since they couldn’t meet in person. Bono was inspired by this to write a song titled “Let Your Love Be Known” which he recorded and shared on YouTube with his son Eli on piano. (See our news stories below for more information on the other versions of the song.)

Zucchero told the media that he didn’t surf the Internet much in general but with the lock downs he had some free time and had found Bono’s demo singing “Let Your Love Be Known.” The song inspired him to do an Italian version, “to give a message of hope”. He mentions that Bono was very generous, and sent the lead vocal of the song and wanted to do the chorus. “He cares. Bono is a coach. Not to laugh, but he doesn’t let you go, he tells you things like ‘here you have dropped the tension’ and of course he’s right!”

On the track Bono appears throughout in the background vocals, but comes in with several lines at 3:17.

Discover is an album of cover songs. The album is released on CD, double vinyl and in digital formats. A special autographed version of these physical versions are available online. And a blue vinyl version of the album will also be released. A box set, sold through Universal Music direct contains the CD with five bonus tracks, a double white vinyl copy of the album, and a 10-Inch blue vinyl with five bonus tracks. Bono does not feature on the bonus tracks, and only appears on the one song, which is featured on all versions of the album.

Liner Notes

Canta La Vita (Let Your Love Be Known):
Zucchero: Producer, Vocals, Italian Adaptation
Bono: Background Vocals, Composer, Lyrics
Max Marcolni: Producer

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Catalog of Releases

Other Known Formats:

  • Box Set, 0602438992126, Italy, includes 10-inch single in light blue
  • Box Set, 0602438992126, Italy, includes 10-inch single in white
  • 5-Inch CD, 0602438983865, Italy, digipack
  • 2×12-Inch, 0602438983520, Europe, black vinyl
  • 2×12-Inch, 0602438983476, Europe, light blue vinyl
  • 2×12-Inch, 0602438983476, Europe, yellow vinyl
  • 2×12-Inch, 0602438983476, Europe, orange vinyl
  • 2×12-Inch, 0602438983476, Europe, black vinyl, autographed