"Streets of Surrender" - Zucchero

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  • Streets of Surrender – Zucchero (03:57)

Background Information

This was a 5-Inch promotional CDR issued throughout Europe and the UK with one track, “Streets of Surrender” by Zucchero. The english lyrics for the song were co-written by Bono. Although the CDR lists a track time of 03:47 the song actually runs longer, and is the same version as that found on the album release.The promotional single was released to promote the fact that the song was being released as a standalone video in Europe.

The song “Streets of Surrender (S.O.S.)” was initially developed by Zucchero. He developed some basic lyrics around the theme of surrender in both English and Italian. When Zucchero was invited to join U2 on stage in Turin to perform “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” on September 5, 2015 during the U2ieTour, he took the opportunity to ask Bono to help him complete the English lyrics to the song, something Bono has done in the past for a number of Zucchero songs. Bono took the song away with him, and after the attacks in Paris penned the English lyrics to the song with long time co-writer Simon Carmody.

The song was featured on Zucchero’s Black Cat album, released April 29, 2016.

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