"Zu & Co." - Zucchero


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Alternate Tracks (Netherlands Version)

Full Track Listing:

  • Dune Mosse – Miles Davis and Zucchero
  • Muoio Per Te – Sting and Zucchero
  • Everybody’s Got to Learn Sometime – Vanessa Carlton and Zucchero
  • Mama Get Real – Mousse T with Zucchero
  • Like the Sun – Macy Grey with Zucchero
  • Baila Morena – Manui with Zucchero
  • I Lay Down – John Lee Hooker with Zucchero
  • Blue – Sheryl Crow with Zucchero
  • Pure Love – Dolores O’Riordan with Zucchero
  • A Wonderful World – Eric Clapton with Zucchero
  • Pippo (Nasty Guy) – Tom Jones with Zucchero
  • Hey Man (Sing A Song) – B.B. King with Zucchero
  • The Flight – Ronan Keating with Zucchero
  • Cosi Celeste – Cheb Mami with Zucchero
  • Diavolo In Me (A Devil In Me) – Solomon Burke with Zucchero
  • Senza Una Donna (Without A Woman) – Paul Young with Zucchero
  • Il Mare… – Brian May with Zucchero
  • Miserere – Luciano Pavarotti, Andrea Bocelli, Zucchero

On the version released in The Netherlands, the duet with Sheryl Crow is replaced with a version of “Blue” by Zucchero and Ilse DeLange

Background Information

“Zu & Co.” is Zucchero’s version of a “Duets” album. Most of the songs on the album had previously been recorded by Zucchero, and for this album he brings on guests to perform on each of the songs.

The song on which there is U2 content, is the song “Blue”, which Bono wrote the English lyrics for for Zucchero’s “Blue Sugar” album. Bono has never performed on the song, he has just contributed lyrics. The song is performed here by Sheryl Crow with Zucchero on most copies worldwide. In the Netherlands the song is instead performed by Isle DeLange and Zucchero. The duet with DeLange was also released as a single in Europe in 2015.

Of note, however, is the final track, “Miserere” which also appears in the U2 discography. On the original version of the song Bono also contributed lyrics to the song in English, and it was performed by Zucchero and Pavarotti. The version here has no English lyrics, and all the song is sung in Italian. For that reason the song is credited to Zucchero alone in the credits of this album, and we have chosen not to include it in the discography at this time.

Liner Notes

Written by Zucchero, Bono
Zucchero: Vocals, Fuzz Synth, Electric Piano
Sheryl Crow: Vocals
Luciano Luisi: Additional Programming / Keyboards
Michael Urbano: Drums, Percussion
Benny Rietveld: Bass
Corrado Rustici: Electric Guitars, Programming, Keyboards
Mark Feltham: Harmonica
Massimo Marcolini: Dobro
Strings arranged and Conducted by Will Malone
Produced and arranged by Zucchero and Luciano Luisi. Recorded at Holophonic Village Rovigo by Devon Rietveld. Assisted by Marco Bicuola.

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