This Day In U2 History

March 01

U2 History on this Day

  • At the 36th annual Grammy Awards, U2 wins the award for Best Alternative Music Album for Zooropa and Bono causes a bit of trouble with his comments that they will “abuse our position and fuck up the mainstream” which go out live over the air. (1994)
  • At the 37th annual Grammy Awards, U2 wins awards for Best Music Video, Long Form for “Zoo TV: Live from Sydney”. (1995)
  • The first date of the Vertigo world-tour would have been in Miami on March 1, but the tour would start instead on March 28 in San Diego after a delay in the tour announcement and the dates. (2005)

Promotional U2 Videos Released on This Day

  • Walk On North American Version by Liz Friedlander (Released: 2001-03-01)

U2 Shows on This Day

  • Howth Community Centre, Howth, Dublin, Ireland (1978) [The Hype]

    * Virgin Prunes (Support)

  • Arcadia Ballroom, Cork, Ireland (1980) [U2]
  • Newcastle City Hall, Newcastle Upon Tyne, England (1983) [U2]
  • Compton Terrace, Phoenix, AZ, USA (1985) [U2]
  • Miami Arena, Miami, FL, USA (1992) [U2]
  • River Plate Stadium, Buenos Aires, Argentina (2006) [U2]

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