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March 16

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U2 History on this Day

  • U2 perform their first concert in South Africa. (1998)

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  • 1981: Woodstock, Anaheim, CA, USA [U2]
  • 1982: Bowker Auditorium, University Of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA, USA [U2]
  • 1983: Tyne Tees TV Studios, Newcastle Upon Tyne, England [U2]

    U2 perform five songs on “The Tube,” the broadcast on the 18th features “Gloria,” “New Year’s Day” and “Sunday Bloody Sunday” and “I Will Follow” airs on the 24th. “40” has never been shown.

  • 1987: RTÉ Television Centre, Dublin, Ireland [U2]

    U2 take part in a special tribute to The Dubliners on their 25th anniversary, appearing on The Late, Late Show.

  • 1998: Greenpoint Stadium, Cape Town, South Africa [U2]
  • 2015: Church of the Sacred Heart, Dublin, Ireland [U2]

    U2 perform at the funeral of Irish DJ, Tony Fenton.

  • 2016: Guerin Pavilion, Santa Monica, CA, USA [The Edge]

    The Edge performs as part of the Kaleidoscope Gala with Jacknife Lee, and students from the New Roads School which hosts the Gala.

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