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September 08

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  • Project Arts Centre, Dublin, Ireland (1979) [U2]
  • Marquee Club, London, England (1980) [U2]
  • Entertainment Center, Sydney, Australia (1984) [U2]
  • Unknown Venue, New York, NY, USA (1987) [The Dalton Brothers]

    U2 are on a radio program, and perform a couple of songs, and suggest they are going to form a country group called The Dalton Brothers.

  • Copacabana, New York, New York (1999) [Bono]

    Bono joins Wyclef Jean at the “Caribbean Soiree: An Evening of Dinner, Dance and Performances” and performs on tables in the club.

  • Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (2015) [U2]
  • US Bank Stadium, Minneapolis, MN, USA (2017) [U2]
  • AccorHotel Arena, Paris, France (2018) [U2]

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