This Day In U2 History

September 18

U2 Shows on This Day

  • Project Arts Centre, Dublin, Ireland (1978) [U2]
  • Baggot Inn, Dublin, Ireland (1979) [U2]
  • Civic Hall, Totnes, England (1980) [U2]

    Although U2 were booked for a show in Totnes on September 18, the promoter contacted the venue, cancelling the show, claiming one of the members of U2 had appendicitis.

  • Melbourne Sports and Entertainment Centre, Melbourne, Australia (1984) [U2]
  • Boston Garden, Boston, MA, USA (1987) [U2]
  • World Music Theater, Tinley Park, IL, USA (1992) [U2]
  • Aeroporto dell'Urbe, Rome, Italy (1997) [U2]
  • Stade de France, Paris, France (2010) [U2]