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September 26

U2 History on this Day

  • U2’s first concert in Greece. (1997)

U2 Single Releases on This Day

  • Three Single by U2 (Originally released: 1979-09-26)

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U2 Shows on This Day

  • Cedar Club, Birmingham, England (1980) [U2]
  • Greater Calvary Baptist Church, Harlem, New York, NY, USA (1987) [U2]

    This is the performance seen in Rattle and Hum where U2 work with the choir, The New Voices of Freedom.

  • Harbour Yard, Thessaloniki, Greece (1997) [U2]
  • NBC Studios, New York, NY, USA (2009) [U2]
  • Anoeta Stadium, San Sebastian, Spain (2010) [U2]

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