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2022-09-26: U2 Three: A Look Back

U2’s “Three” is the single that kicked off the band’s career. It featured three songs, “Out of Control”, “Stories for Boys” and “Boy/Girl”, and was initially released on 12-inch and 7-inch formats. The 12-inch was released in a generic company sleeve, and a picture sleeve was used for the 7-inch featuring the younger brother of Bono’s longtime friend Guggi.

The single was recorded with...

2022-09-16: New Single Update: Get Out of Your Own Way

U2 have updated one additional single as part of the refresh project.

“Get Out of Your Own Way” has been updated today on several online sites, including YouTube music, Tidal, Spotify, Qobuz and others. However, the release hasn’t been updated everywhere, and this new version is not yet showing up on iTunes.

The four tracks included are:

“Get Out of Your Own Way” (03:59)
“Get Out of...

2022-08-30: Surrender Promotion

First Printed: June 16, 2022
Last Updated: August 30, 2022

Bono seems to have started the promotion for his upcoming memoir, Surrender being released at the start of November.

We’ll keep a running tally of promo appearances and interviews as they crop up.

Upcoming Events

September 21, 2022: Dreamforce Conference

2022-08-19: Songs for Someone: Bono and Ali 40 Years

Updated: 2022-08-31

Note on date: For many years the accepted date for the wedding was August 21, 1982, which was a Saturday. Celebrations around the 40th anniversary revealed that the date was August 31, 1982 instead. This is the date Eve Hewson wished her parents a Happy Anniversary, the date included in Bono’s memoir Surrender, and is the date Bono referenced from stage on August 31,...

2022-08-13: U2 vs Avicii Leak

We’ve known for a while that U2 had worked with Avicii on a song. On Saturday, the song leaked on YouTube. It was titled “Stars Don’t Go” and was posted to YouTube by an Avicii fan account. As expected, the song has since been removed for copyright issues due to a copyright claim by Universal Music.

The song very much sounds like an early version of “Iris”, which U2 redid for Songs of...

2022-08-12: Bono to participate in celebration of Kavanagh

Announced today, Bono will participate in a celebration of author Patrick Kavanagh. The double disc release will feature Bono reading Kavanagh’s “On Raglan Road”, which will be released on September 23, 2022 on Claddagh Records. Patrick Kavanagh released an album of poems in 1964 on Claddagh Records. This album re-releases that 1964 album with an additional disc of guests reading Kavanagh’s...

2022-08-09: Singles Refresh Part Two

We shared in January that U2 were rumoured to be tackling some upgrades this year of the singles offered on digital storefronts and streaming services. On July 22, U2 did the first upgrade to these, with 11 of their singles being upgraded. These new offerings combined singles that were split across multiple releases, cleaned up the artwork in use for the songs, and making some previously...

2022-08-03: U2 Tour Rumours 2023

Please note: Until tours are officially announced, we mark all information in regards to them as rumour, even though we do endeavor to post only reliable information that has been shared with us by multiple sources. The below discusses not yet announced performances, and should be considered as rumour at this time.

Summary (See details below):

  • Crew were asked to hold schedules open...

2022-07-29: More on the Kennedy Center Honors

1978. U2 were just getting their start in Dublin, when The Kennedy Center established their first Kennedy Center Honors. The annual gala and awards celebrate the “international standard of excellence set by America’s artists, as well as the aesthetic inspiration provided by artists of other nations who have achieved prominence on these shores.” The award recognizes living individuals who...

2022-07-28: An Album of New Songs: A Deeper Look

We’re always trying to piece together rumours shared with us about new U2 recordings and work. Of particular interest right now is two projects, one is Songs of Surrender, a set of re-invented old U2 songs expected to be released first. The other is an album of brand new songs, expected to follow next year, before U2 would go out on tour according to various rumours. We’ve been calling it...

2022-07-22: U2 Digital Single Upgrades

Back in January we told you that our sources had shared the rumour that U2 would be working on their offerings to streaming services this year. The focus was said to be on cleaning up their catalog of singles on these services.

It appears this process is now happening. Digital services are now showing 11 updated singles for U2. This includes singles from 2004 to 2019, and sees the band...

2022-07-07: U2 Funko Pops! Announced

Please note: This article is still being updated and may change as new information comes to light.

As we told you back in February, U2 are doing a line of Funko Pops based on the Zoo TV tour / Achtung Baby era. Originally we were told that these would be releasing in July, but had recently been told they would be delayed until November. Today, a series of images appeared showing the Funko...