Achtung Baby: Multiple Covers on Vinyl Pressing

Original Story by Aaron J. Sams (2021-11-14)

Anton Corbijn has worked with the band since 1982. We have been told he has been working with the band to ready new images for the 30th anniversary of Achtung Baby, using photographs from the original sessions held in Dublin, Tenerife, Tangiers and Berlin. Today he was featured on “Elevation” on U2 X-Radio on SiriusXM speaking about the 30th anniversary of the album and his photography for the album. Asked what his favourite photo on the cover that he shot in 1991 was, he mentioned two, the photo he took of the band in the trabant, photographed in the dark with the flashlight. He also mentioned he loved the photos of the Irish cows. He further mentions that the cows will be used as one of four covers for the new release on vinyl of Achtung Baby. Those reissues haven’t been announced yet, but are expected to be released this week.

Artist Thierry Noir also worked with U2 in 1991 painting the trabants that would appear on the cover of U2’s singles for “The Fly”, “Mysterious Ways”, “Even Better Than The Real Thing” and “Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses”. The cars he painted were used extensively in the advertising campaign for the album. We can tell you that he has also recently reunited with U2 to produce new artwork to mark the anniversary of the album.

We expect that tomorrow the band will be making an announcement on their own plans to celebrate the anniversary. We have shared some rumours about what is coming next over the last few months, but expect to see multiple versions of the album on vinyl. The black vinyl version will come with a new poster as well, and will likely carry these four different covers. At least one coloured vinyl in blue and red vinyl is planned as well. We have also been told that there will be digital releases announced as well. See our earlier story for more information about these different pressings. Also planned is some sort of digital experience which will allow people to examine the album in detail, new merchandise will be made available via U2.Com, and U2 will be using their social media platforms to further spotlight the album.

It is not expected that U2 will be announcing an anniversary tour and Adam Clayton said last month that it is too early for the band to even start looking at a tour, citing concerns about COVID, and saying even without COVID they wouldn’t be looking at touring at this time.

Other events celebrating Achtung Baby at 30:

  • Dave Fanning spoke with journalist John Meagher and designer Steve Averill (Listen here)
  • RedBeard will be re-visiting his Achtung Baby Interview on November 15. (Preview Here)
  • Anton Corbijn appears on Elevation on U2 X-Radio to talk about the album Anniversary on November 14, and it was teased there will be more Achtung Baby in the weeks to come. The show is available on demand to subscribers of SiriusXM Radio.
  • The Irish Independent’s John Meagher took a look at Achtung Baby at 30 (Read Here)
  • U2 X-Radio is focusing on Achtung Baby all month long with soundbites from fans collaborators and other musicians discussing the album.
  • Jo Whiley will discuss the 30th Anniversary with Bono and The Edge on Radio 2 on November 18, 2021. (7:30pm London Time)
  • Edge is featured on the cover of this month’s Guitar World Magazine talking about the anniversary (available on newsstands now.)

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